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Product Review: Found.Today ~ Lost Item Tags

Product Review Found.Today Travels with Bibi

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I have to admit that I frequently misplace my keys, my phone, my camera, and sometimes, even my purse. I had the opportunity recently to give the Found.Today lost item locator tags a try to see how they worked with my busy vacation, school, and work schedule.

Similar in function to other locator tags, the Found.Today tag looks like a miniature QR code. It’s easy to use and apply to just about anything you might lose.

Product Review Found.Today Travels with Bibi

The tags are similar in size to a quarter and apply to clean surfaces with a clear adhesive disc. Larger items can be tagged with the larger address label sized tag, or even a larger still coated adhesive strip that attaches to items such as suitcase handles.

After registering your account at Found.Today and one of your tagged items is found, the finder scans the QR code on the tag via a smartphone and sends a message to you. The message they send, and your reply back, will be handled by Found.Today without disclosing either email address.

Overall, I love the idea behind the Found.Today tags. The secure email system is convenient and safe as neither party has any personal information revealed through communication. I like that tags can be printed at home using a conventional printer and standard label paper.

The fee for this service seems reasonable; registering for an account will get you a tag free for 3 months. Annual renewal for the service is $20, which also gets you stickers with your tags mailed to you for free.

My only concern is that since the tags are printed on regular label paper, I worry that the ink might run or fade, and my lost items might not have an intact tag for QR code scanning.

After trying out the Found.Today tags for a few months, I would continue to use them on items that would not have exposure to a wet environment, especially since the service is free for the first three months. You can get more information, or sign up for your own Found.Today account here.

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