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Product Review: GhostBed Luxury Sheets

Product Review: GhostBed Luxury Sheets Travels with Bibi
Travels with Bibi received a complimentary set of GhostBed Luxury Sheets but all opinions are my own.

After trying and loving the GhostBed pillow a few weeks back, I knew I had to give the GhostBed Luxury Sheets a try too.

GhostBed sent me their queen size Luxury fitted sheet set and honestly, I’m super impressed! Not only are the sheets soft and pleasing to the touch, the packaging is of excellent quality too, which makes these sheets a great gift-giving option.

Product Review: GhostBed Luxury Sheets Travels with Bibi

I chose the pristine white sheet set, but they also come in soft gray.

I really appreciate that the GhostBed Luxury Sheets come with two queen size pillowcases. No more wrestling with standard sized cases with this sheet set! This little detail might seem insignificant but when a company understands that no one wants mismatched pillowcases, well, they probably did everything else right too.

The fabric on the GhostBed Luxury Sheets is comprised of a unique blend of luxurious Supima cotton and Tencel fibers that offer superior moisture absorption and temperature regulation. With natural breathability as well as bacteria and allergen resistant properties, these sheets are ideal for people with sensitive skin or who suffer from allergies.

I especially love the GhostGrip edging, and found the fitted sheet always stayed on securely and never popped off!

Despite the great soft feel of these sheets, they seem thicker than some other materials that I’ve tested. Perhaps that’s why GhostBed feels confident enough in their product to offer a three-year warranty.

The GhostBed Luxury Sheets will work perfectly with nearly any type of mattress, but it’s ideal to pair them with any GhostBed mattress. The GhostBed mattresses are some of the best options for anyone suffering with fibromyalgia.

I have been using the sheets for a little over two weeks now and have found the GhostBed Luxury Sheets to be of excellent quality and durability. I sleep better and stay asleep longer than with other brand sheets and I never become overheated during the night. The GhostBed Luxury sheet set comes with free shipping too, which makes for an even greater value for your money.

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