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Get Outside with a Llama Trek!

Our world is experiencing hard times right now due to an unprecedented illness known as Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

As such, everyone needs to take precautions and do their part to help slow the spread of the virus. The question top on everyone’s mind right now is how can we practice social distancing in a fun yet safe way and still get outside to enjoy nature and breathe fresh mountain air?

Social distancing is possible when you go on a llama trek!

Get Outside with a Llama

Meet Chester! Trekking with llamas is a safe way to get outside and enjoy nature at its finest!

Chester and the rest of The Wandering Llamas herd is ready and waiting for you to book a fun day on the trails in eastern Tennessee!

Chester and the other friendly llamas carry the heavy gear so you can enjoy hiking without worrying about wearing a backpack. Win-win!

Sandy, the owner of The Wandering Llamas, will help you safely get outside, practice social distancing, all in a safe, fun way. She offers llama treks, themed and specialized treks, glamping, and much more!

The llama farm is some distance away from nearby cities and has plenty of open land for everyone to enjoy.

Contact Sandy at The Wandering Llamas today to book your adventure!

Meet Chester!

A couple years ago, I trekked with The Wandering Llamas and it was a super fun day! Click here to read all about hiking with Chester and the other llamas. (Sandy has since relocated and expanded her business and now hikes on different trails.)

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What fun things are you doing during this trying time? Let us know in a comment below.

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    1. If you know anything about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, perhaps you’ve heard of the LeConte llamas? They take supplies up the mountain to the LeConte Lodge a couple times a week during the season. Chester is a retired LeConte llama, as are a couple of others that Sandy owns.

    1. Well, if you’re every near eastern Tennessee, keep Sandy’s llamas in mind. You will not be disappointed!

    1. Chester is my favorite! If you know anything about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, perhaps you’ve heard of the LeConte llamas? Chester is a retired LeConte llama, as are a couple of others that Sandy owns.

    1. You don’t need to be exciting yourself to trek with Sandy’s llamas. The llamas provide all the excitement you’ll need. 🙂

    1. If you’re ever in eastern Tennessee, be sure to check out The Wandering Llamas. Sandy is truly the BEST.

  1. What a cool and unique experience! I read once that everything is a gift – it’s a positive mindset during this surreal time and for those fortunate to remain healthy, these new experiences could be gifts to ourselves.

    1. Agreed 100% Sandy’s llamas are very healthy, and just walking llamas in a line naturally creates 6 feet of space between each human. Perfect!

  2. Looks fun, one I can hopefully be able to try someday. My husband would definitely be on board, we both like incorporating some physical activity when travelling. The kids though, will take some convincing but pretty sure won’t take a while with a llama as adorable as Chester.

  3. hahah I LOVE this! I know someone who is weirdly obsessed with Llamas and thinks they are the best things ever! I will share LOL

    1. It is! Sandy shares interesting info on flora and fauna along the way and the llamas are simply adorable.

  4. Llamas look hilarious and so glad these ones look healthy. I always worry about the treatment of animals on tours. As long as they’re treated right, touring with animals can be enjoyable for us and them.

    1. Yes! Sandy is a close friend of mine and all of her llamas are perfect. I have to admit though….Chester is my favorite. 🙂

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