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5 Signs that You’re from Michigan

5 Signs that You’re from Michigan

There are nearly 10 million people that live in the Wolverine State, and of course, many others are from Michigan, living elsewhere today. Whether you’re still there or have moved on after selling your home or putting up your farm land for sale in Michigan, there are likely still plenty of signs that indicate that’s where you’re from.

You Know What It Means to Go ‘Up North’

When most Americans say they’re going “up north,” they’re referring to the Great White North as in Canada, but those from Michigan mean they’re making a relatively short drive north. Many residents spend lots of time in the summer, camping or in a cabin in the middle of the woods, or perhaps along the glistening expanse of Lake Michigan. Places like Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore offer cool relief in summer’s heat along with vast sand dunes, beaches, and lush forest.

When You Call Someone a Troll, It’s Not a Bad Thing

People from Michigan have all sorts of names for other native Michiganders, including “Troll,” “Townies” and “Fudgies.” You aren’t dissing them when you use those terms, and anyone who is from the state will know just what you’re talking about.

You’ve Experienced All Four Seasons in One Day

While a few other states can also claim this, if you’ve experienced all four seasons in just one day, odds are, you’re from Michigan. It can be 30 degrees at 6 a.m., and then just four hours later, it’s a pleasant 60 degrees out there. Then, suddenly it begins to rain and before you know it, by late afternoon it’s snowing. After dark, somehow it warms and you’re heading out for a bite to eat in your flip flops.

Your Favorite Dessert is Superman Ice Cream

Superman ice cream is only a Michigan thing as far as we know. It comes in yellow, red and blue, just like Superman’s attire, kind of like Neapolitan only no one is really sure what it’s meant to taste like, just that Michiganders seem to love the flavor.

Your Vocabulary Gives You Away

People from Michigan have their own unique phrases that always give them away. You aren’t deciding whether you need to grab a basket to pick up just a few groceries or a shopping cart for a big haul, you refer to carts as “buggys.” If you say you’re going to the “party store,” you aren’t going out to pick up balloons, invitations or what have you, but to the convenience store, like 7-Eleven. You also pronounce some of your words differently, dropping the “g’s” in words like “running” – you might say, “I’m goin’ runnin’ in the park.” If you plan to take a dip in the water, it’s “takin’ a dip in the wadder.”

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