6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai
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6 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai

World-class shopping, dining and entertainment attractions, beautiful beaches, mysterious deserts, and culturally-rich heritage sites – Dubai is a must-see holiday destination, with something for everyone!

Dubai is one of the world’s best bucket list travel destinations due to the many unique family-friendly activities it offers.

Beyond the towering skyscrapers, one-of-a-kind man-made structures and shopping malls, Dubai has so much more to offer, especially if you are traveling with your kids. Your family can engage in so many indoor and outdoor activities you may have trouble choosing between these great experiences!

Here are six kid friendly activities you should not miss if you visit Dubai with your family.

Get Wild on Desert Safaris

6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai Travels with BibiA visit to Dubai is not complete if you don’t book a desert safari! If your entire stay is just confined within the streets and skyscrapers, then you are missing the location’s true essence. So make sure to book a desert safari.

A desert safari can be done in the morning, but it’s best experienced in the evening. For a hassle-free adventure, choose a tour that will pick you up (and drop off) at your hotel. Once in the desert, you and your kids can enjoy sports like quad biking, dune bashing, camel riding, and sand boarding. If you choose to take the desert safari in the evening, these activities will usually be followed by a traditional dinner and an outstanding show, including belly dancing and henna painting.

If you wish to extend your desert tour, you can camp under the stars. You won’t have any worries because, in an overnight desert safari tour, a sleeping bag with a blanket will be provided. Also, there is a bathroom in the campsite. If a safari interests you, check here to book a desert safari.

Kite Surf at the Beach

6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai Travels with BibiKite Beach is one of the coolest beaches in Dubai. It offers unique, fun activities for your kids, such as kitesurfing, swimming, skating and bouncing around on the outdoor trampolines. Also, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the kitesurf show while your little ones play in the sand or in the play area.

Splash at the Waterparks

6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai Travels with BibiIf your family is made up of true-blue adrenaline junkies, then you can’t miss splashing around at Dubai’s top waterparks.

The Aquaventure Waterpark offers water slides, river rides, Cownose ray feeding, shark safaris, and the Splashers Kid’s play area. It also has a beach where you can take a break or relax after engaging in these thrilling adventures.

Another waterpark you can check out is The Wild Wadi Waterpark. It has more than 30 attractions that are perfect for the whole family. Take the plunge down the thrilling slides, ride a water roller coaster, or just float on the river while admiring the spectacular Burj Al Arab. Your kids, on the other hand, can enjoy the small slides, dumping buckets, and the climbing frames that are specially designed for them.

Make Friends with the Dolphins

6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai Travels with BibiSwim alongside dolphins at Dolphin Bay. No matter what your age, you can get close and interact with these friendly mammals. Be aware that this place is considered one of the world’s best habitats for dolphins, aiming to educate the guests on the importance of natural habitat preservation and the wild population. At the end of this adventure, expect your kids to claim that they have made a new best friend.

Bounce at a Play-Time Favorite

6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai Travels with BibiIf you are a fan of trampolines, check out Bounce Dubai. This offers more than 100 interconnected trampolines that cater to people of all ages. Your little ones can bounce and even somersault on the mini trampolines while you can bounce off the wall and practice your dunk on the basketball hoops. As an added bonus, you and your kids are guaranteed to sleep well after this high-energy activity.

Dance on the Ice

6 Fun, Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai Travels with BibiWith Dubai’s tech advancement and creativity, ice skating in this desert city was made possible. Skaters of all ages and abilities can dance on the ice at the Olympic-sized ice rink in The Dubai Mall. If you and your kids don’t know anything about ice skating, there are instructors who can help so you can go around each curved corner and get into the groove. But if you are a pro, enjoy the disco session where chart-topping songs and lights will give you the opportunity to brag your cool dance skill.

For a couple of additional activity options which include daily itineraries, take a look at this article here.

Dubai is a haven for people of all ages because of the many different activities everyone can enjoy and take part in. Your entire family will have a wonderful time, no matter what the weather is like. Just make sure to book these activities in advance to secure your slot, especially for the desert safari. That way, you’ll be sure to experience everything you dreamed about for your Dubai trip.

Is Dubai on your bucket list? What activities do you want to see and do when you visit? Let us know in a comment below.

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6 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Do in Dubai

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  1. Amazing list! My kids would love every single one of these activities. I’d love to take them to Dubai sometime.

  2. Wow, Dubai has some great activities that I wouldn’t have expected! I would totally do that desert safari. And kite surfing looks fun, but I would probably injure myself. I’d love to watch it, though!

    1. I would love the safari too: probably so very different from my safari in the Serengeti of Africa. I would love to watch kite surfing too!

  3. My boyfriend and I were just discussing Dubai! It looks so cool. I love the desert safari idea!!

  4. The desert safari sounds wonderful. I don’t know much about Dubai, but it looks beautiful. Is it an expensive country to visit?

  5. Dubai is definitely on my bucket list. I am glad to see there are camel tours that will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. I’ll keep this info for later use. Thanks.

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