7 Tips For Booking Budget Friendly Motels Travels with Bibi

7 Tips For Booking Budget Friendly Motels

Want to save money while traveling this year? If so, then you are in luck as I have compiled a list of ideas that will help you to enjoy your stay at a budget friendly motel without breaking the bank.

Make Your Selection Wisely

Selecting the right motel can set the tone of your trip and make it enjoyable. Largely, the choice of accommodation will depend on the travel budget, the destination, number of companions and travel style.

The style in which a person travels evolves from a solo traveler to traveling as a couple and traveling in a family and hence the travel style and preferences change. A number of factors should be considered for your stay at a motel. Once you decide the length of your trip and the destination, you will be able to select the exact location and the number of days you need.

Selecting a stay mid-week might save you a good amount of money. At many places, weekend rates are very high and sometimes triple the actual rates.

Always, always choose a motel in a convenient location, which means it should be close to local cafes, restaurants, parks, and other necessities. Moreover, look for motels that are not too far from public transportation if you aren’t planning to drive at your destination.

Check Dining Options

7 Tips For Booking Budget Friendly Motels Travels with Bibi

The location you choose to stay is often the most important factor when trying to save money. Walking to a local cafe or restaurant could be a less expensive option if you don’t get a complimentary breakfast in the motel.

In case you choose to eat at the motel, there are a few things that you may consider. First thing, obviously, is the price of meals. Secondly, if you’re traveling with kids, is the food acceptable for their needs or is there a kids menu? Further, check out if the motel menu accommodates special dietary needs such as vegan, gluten-free, etc., if that needs to be considered.

Opt For Off-Season Stays

You can save a decent amount of money if your travel plans allow for off-season rentals. Many places have cheaper rates in the off-season or shoulder season. The simplest tip is to plan a stay during the off-season. This is especially true if you are about to spend a week or more at a single place. Off-season vacations typically are cheaper overall with the added benefit of fewer crowds.

Bonus tip: Make sure you clarify all the terms and conditions regarding payment. Be clear on the room rates and the extra chargeable things before you check-in. Also, clarify the number of persons allowed in a room, the special rates for kids, and so on.

Additional Amenities

7 Tips For Booking Budget Friendly Motels Travels with Bibi

When you are on a trip with your family, the accommodation and other definitely amenities matter. The first thing to check is what amenities are offered at the place you plan to stay. Is there a free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, 24-hour reception service, fridge, washing machine or a microwave?

Work For It

If you do not have a budget to stay at your desired place, it might be possible for you to work for it. If you are traveling to an expensive city, apply for temporary employment that can help you to sort out your finances.

Considering temporary employment to earn your travel expense is an interesting idea. In many larger cities, there are various projects that require temporary workers, so you could always apply for a temp position to help out your wallet at the same time as your travel.

Reward Programs

If you are visiting a motel you frequently stay at, you can ask for a discount or join a reward program. You might be able to reduce your nightly fee, earn a free night, or get a discount on future travel.

To maximise your earnings in any rewards program, credit card payment options tied with reward programs is beneficial. Credit card use often fetches more bonus points when compared to other payment options.

Check Past Feedback

7 Tips For Booking Budget Friendly Motels Travels with Bibi

An effective and smart way for motel selection is through recommendations. Taking past feedback from friends and relatives might be the easiest way to get feedback. You can analyse their reviews on various factors such as cost, value for money and so forth.

You can also refer to online rating websites that allow customers to post their reviews. Also, you can ask the motel about the review websites that they are listed on.

Think about your comfort, your priorities and needs, explore a range of options and then shortlist what works best for you. Wherever you go, there are many accommodation options to select from.

So, plan in advance, and be a smart traveler!

Author Bio: Adam works as a Senior Travel Consultant at Liberty Plains Motel. Being a travel enthusiast, she loves to write and blog about travel-related topics. Liberty Plains Motel is a 3-star motel with 4-star amenities provides accommodation services in Sydney, situated within a walking distance from fancy restaurants, cafes and street shops.

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7 Tips For Booking Budget Friendly Motels

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    1. I use my loyalty points for travel and so far it’s working well for me. I hope you can find a way to remember to use yours!

  1. These are great tips. I don’t stay in hotels often because I’ve been a single traveleR and resorted to couch surfing and hostales but now that I’m married and want to make babies, we are gonna have to start implement these tips.

    1. Clara, I would love to hear about your couch surfing says sometime. The idea of doing that fascinates me!

  2. The bonus tip is really important. I think so many people forget about all the extra charges at some locations. That can really affect ones budget.

  3. As teachers, we’re always jealous of people who can travel in the off-seasons. I generally check accommodations in our price range and then check reviews. Normally, I can find a highly-rated place in our price range.

    1. I’m a recently retired teacher myself so I know the struggle is real! I’m glad you’ve found a way to find places in your price range.

    1. A lot of people who travel and live as digital nomads frequently find seasonal work to help offset living expenses and/or necessary income. I’ve not done it myself, but I find the idea fascinating.

    1. I have one primary credit card that gives me airfare points so I need to check into other loyalty programs as well.

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