8 Reasons to Visit Dubai Travels with Bibi

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Dubai has become a much sought after travel destination in the last 5 years and is now considered to be the most fascinating and lavish destination on the globe. Millions of tourists come and visit Dubai every year and the trend is increasing every year.

Dubai is a famous spot to spend holidays or just relax and refresh yourself. With modern amenities, amazing infrastructure, and easy access, it is ideal for business as well.  It’s not mandatory to stay in a high-class hotel; you can make the trip as lavish as you wish even when staying in a budget hotel.

We can talk for days about why Dubai is one of the most amazing destinations on the planet, and the following article will give 8 important points that show why it is the perfect holiday destination and why you should visit Dubai at least once in your lifetime.

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Beautiful Dubai Skyline

8 Reasons to Visit Dubai Travels with Bibi
Marina Skyline United Arab Emirates Dubai

Once you are in Dubai, you will witness the beauty of skyscrapers whether it’s the marina or Dubai downtown around the Dubai Mall. The marina is the most happening place in Dubai with a beautiful view and unique things you can do at Dubai Marina. The marina site features many of the tallest residential buildings of the world.

Have a cup of coffee at any restaurants downtown and enjoy the stunning beauty of the Dubai skyline.

Multi-Cultural Experience

90% of the Dubai population are expatriates, with only 10% being local Arabs. In Dubai, there are almost 200 different nationalities and thus a perfect example of multi-culture. One has the liberty to practice their own religion in Dubai in mosques, churches, and Mandar for different religions. You are also allowed to show different cultural variations and traditions.

Best Place for Eating

8 Reasons to Visit Dubai Travels with Bibi

If you are a foodie person, Dubai is for you! In Dubai, you can have any type of food with amazing flavor. Whether its panipuri, mutton biryani, steak, burgers, or pizza, you name it and it will be in Dubai. There is a huge variety in terms of food so everyone can find something to love.

Head to a small restaurant to fulfill a craving or to a 5-star hotel to pamper yourself. There are different restaurant chains and you can try them one by one. You will be tempted with amazing American, Chinese, Lebanese, Persian, Filipino, French, and many more cultural foods once you are in Dubai.


Dubai is the perfect destination with the perfect combination of sand, sun, and sea throughout the year. There are on average 300 sunny days per year! If you feel cold you have the sun to enjoy. If you feel hot you have the sea to enjoy. The sand dunes are perfect to make the trip memorable.

Palm Island

8 Reasons to Visit Dubai Travels with Bibi

Once you are in Dubai, try a visit to the man-made island built in 2006. Palm Island can also be seen from the sky. There are million dollar villas on Palm Jumeirah owned by different nationalities. You can enjoy vacationing there as a family or as a couple. There are plenty of activities you can do to make the trip fantastic.

The Tallest Building in the World

8 Reasons to Visit Dubai Travels with Bibi

Burj Khalifa, known as the tallest building in the world, is a masterpiece in its own kind.  The Burj is twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York and is usually the first thing visitors come and see where they can delight in viewing the dancing fountain.

Terrific Shopping

8 Reasons to Visit Dubai Travels with Bibi

If you love shopping then Dubai is for you. You can find practically anything your heart desires. Dubai is famous for its shopping festival which is one month long and offers huge discounts for shoppers. The festival also helps you win gold and cars.

Exploring Gold Souk

If you love gold or jewelry then gold souk is the place you must visit. Even if gold shopping is not on the list, you can purchase something once you visit gold souk. It is located in the old part of Dubai City and almost 10 tons of gold is there. You can see a huge variety of gold in more than 300 gold shops.

If you are looking for kid-friendly activities to try while visiting Dubai, you’ve got to check out this article!

Your Thoughts?

Have you ever visited Dubai? Do you have any other reasons why people should visit Dubai? Let us know in a comment below!

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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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  1. I haven’t been to Dubai, but it’s high on my bucket list. It’s really difficult to imagine how Dubai is when you haven’t been there, and I especially find it hard to comprehend how multicultural it is. it seems like a very unique place that I’d love to experience one day!

  2. Hi Bibi, your travel blogs are so vivid and its as if one is experiencing the trip while reading!

  3. I have been to Dubai several times and i never get tired of the place! As a matter of fact, i have been trying to secure a Safety Engineeering role in the UAE simply because i love the region! Well, lets see, i may get lucky soon! Great blog by the way!

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