Greetings and welcome to my blog!

I recently authored my first book: Solo to Seven Six More in the Wind: A Memoir of Kilimanjaro where I tell the tale of what it takes to hike to the Rooftop of Africa, also known as Mount Kilimanjaro. I was given the African name “Bibi,” which means Grandmother in Swahili, when my team of six other hikers, three guides, and fourteen porters were just about a mile into our 7-day Machame Route up Mount Kilimanjaro.

I learned so many wonderful and amazing things in Africa. I guess it’s safe to say that my guides and recent adventures in Africa are part of the inspiration behind the Travels With Bibi blog page. I have so many stories and lessons to share from my Africa trip, and will post many of them as part of my blog. But that’s not all! Stay tuned for van dwelling and travel, exploration of many parts of the U.S., gear reviews, how to save on travel, bucket list adventure possibilities, and hiking with my pups.

Originally from Maryland, I lived in Indiana, Virginia, Florida, Texas, and Georgia while raising my children. All six of them are now young adults who live away from home. I have one three-year-old granddaughter and I am eagerly anticipating the births of more two granddaughters, who are expected in July and September.

I began my hiking adventures in 2013 in Bryson City, North Carolina while vacationing for summer break from school where I teach high school math. I loved hiking in North Carolina so much that I purchased a 27-foot travel trailer camper and lived in it for the next five summers. While there, I enjoyed hiking, whitewater kayaking, telling stories and singing songs around the campfire, and several other recreational opportunities that were near the cozy, sleepy mountain campground where I lived.

My faithful canine hiking companions, Murray and Munson, are always ready to get out on the trail and eagerly anticipate the next hike outing with drips of doggy drool and energetic barking. They will be joining me on the blog with some adventures of their own.

I currently reside with my husband in Grovetown, Georgia where we are converting a Dodge Ram ProMaster van in expectation of van living after retirement to help support our love of traveling and the outdoors.

If you care to read a free sample of my Kilimanjaro memoir, it can be viewed on Amazon and the entire book can be purchased from there as well.

Solo to Seven Six More in the Wind: A Memoir of Kilimanjaro