Hello! I’m Shirley, also known as Bibi, and I’m glad you are here!

8 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog Travels With Bibi

I am the mother of six(!) adventurous adult kids, and my husband John and I form a wonderful tag team when it comes to babysitting the grands.

A Day Trip To The Cliffs of Moher Travels with Bibi

For me, life is just one big adventure! I am a passionate world traveler and love exploring and discovering places and cultures. I love my life that is split between Georgia during the school year and North Carolina in the summer, where I have the Great Smoky Mountains National Park practically in my backyard.

So, why do I write this blog? Good question! Traveling and going outside revives, re-energizes, and relaxes the mind and soul. Here on Travels with Bibi, I will show you how to make the most of your time and money!

My goal: to inspire you to live your best life through travel, as well as making your trips #BetterCheaperLonger for active exploring, unexpected adventures, and inspirational travel experiences.

But first, this site isn’t your typical travel and outdoor website. I don’t feature rock climbers dangling off of class 5 pitches or pro boaters kayaking on class VI rapids. No. None of that crazy scary stuff. This blog is for normal, everyday people. Travelers. Hikers. Backpackers. Campers. Dog Owners. Parents and Grandparents. If I can do it, so can you!

A Day Trip To The Cliffs of Moher Travels with Bibi

With insightful information, gear suggestions, and an ample dose of inspiration, I try to remove the obstacles that get in the way and deter you from getting outside or taking that first big trip abroad or just traveling across the country.

Katahdin Travels with Bibi

Time? Money? Skills? Gear? I will tackle all of these challenges and show you that traveling and getting outside can be easy and accessible. Whether you’re a complete outdoor newbie or have trekked all around the world, Travels with Bibi is the place you’ll find advice you can relate to, trip reports, and useful tips to help you simplify your adventure planning – so you can stop making excuses and start spending more time outside and traveling the world: Better ~ Cheaper ~ Longer!

Travels with Bibi
Shirley, aka Bibi, with Murray and Munson.