Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi
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Discovering Australia’s Most Beautiful Islands

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is a world of its own. A giant island itself (though many consider Australia as a continent rather than an island), the country has a very varied climate and a wide range of unique landscapes that are sure to inspire you to keep coming back.

Whenever we think of islands, Australia never really pops into our heads. Believe it or not, the islands that surround the mainland are as beautiful as any other. Let us take a look into the most beautiful islands Australia has to offer the world.

Heron Island, Queensland

Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi

Nestled in the south of the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island gives visitors a more private and unique experience as there is only one luxury resort. Though not as developed as the Whitsunday Islands, Heron Island takes pride in its exclusivity. Book a visit between October to March and you will be lucky enough to experience Green and Loggerhead turtles return to Heron Islands to breed. The resort is also eco-friendly: it has a program that teaches its guests how to responsibly admire these endangered creatures.

Bedarra Island

Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi

If privacy is more your thing, head to Bedarra Island. Found in the North East of Australia just off Queensland, Bedarra Island has been hiding under the radar for some time now. Also known as Richards Islands, Bedarra has lush tropical rainforests, caves and coves that are the perfect backdrop for a beach getaway.

Fitzroy Island

Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi

Looking a vacation that is sure to fit any budget? Fitzroy Island has a wide range of hotels to stay at, regardless of how much you are willing to shell out on your vacation. Fitzroy Island offers visitors many exciting activities like snorkeling with turtles, glass bottom boating, and kayaking. Not into the beach that much? You are in luck – Fitzroy Island is mountainous, giving you the opportunity to hike it out whenever you feel like it. The Great Barrier Reef is your playground whenever you come to Fitzroy Island.

Lord Howe Island

Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi

This island is so exclusive, only 400 people are allowed to visit it at any given time. Lord Howe Island is a tiny piece of land far off the coast of New South Wales. There are a few reasons why Lord Howe Island should be visited – the whole island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is home to different and unique plants and animals; and Mount Gower is a sight to behold. This will be one vacation you will never forget.

Lady Musgrave Island

Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi

Roughing it out by the ocean is another way to relax and unwind. Lady Musgrave Island is only 14 hectares (about 35 acres) and is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park. It is easy to see why there is so much effort into protecting this land: its natural, unspoiled beauty is what draws tourists all year round. Pitch a tent and enjoy the endless starry night sky in Lady Musgrave Island.

Norfolk Island

Australia's Most Beautiful Islands Travels with Bibi

With the Pacific Ocean as your view and playground, Norfolk Island is nestled between Australia and New Zealand. It has a unique landscape as pine trees dot here and there, making it a picturesque backdrop for any photo opportunity. Forests give tourists an opportunity to bird watch, while kayaking and fishing in the Pacific’s crystal blue waters are great activities for beach enthusiasts.

If Australia is in your bucket list of countries to visit, make sure to make one of their islands one of your stops. There is bound to be a gem of an island that will surely catch your fancy.

Author Bio: Sophie Armstrong is passionate about solo traveling, always hunting for a new adventure and experience. She prides herself on finding the best local hotspots and untouched secrets anywhere she goes.

Have you visited any islands in Australia or anywhere else in the world? Let us know in a comment below.

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Discovering Australia\'s Most Beautiful Islands

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  1. Wow, thanks for enriching me. I knew nothing about Australian islands. And that’s so many islands for a country(continent) haha. However, if I should visit Australia, Bedarra Island will be my perfect destination since I love doing stuff privately. I learnt something new today, thanks for sharing.

  2. Lord Howe Island has been on my bucket list for a while, but we never seem to have enough time to even try to go (if we are one of the lucky 400) when we visit Australia

  3. Wow these look amazing! I’ve been on the hunt for new islands to visit, definitely love how Fitzroy Island looks but knowing Lord Howe Island won’t have a million tourists sounds amazing!! Thanks for this psot.

  4. Gorgeous! I didn’t know about all the islands around Australia. How do you get onto Lord Howe island? Is there some kind of waiting list?

  5. Unless you can sail your own yacht (I wish!!) you have to book a flight. Lord Howe Island is a 2-hour flight from Sydney. There are daily flights in peak season, or on weekends it’s possible to fly from Brisbane.

    1. When my oldest daughter was in college, she did a study abroad in Australia. If only I had done the same thing when I was younger!

  6. Great post! I long to go back and visit Australia. I went as a teenager after graduation. The Great Barrier Reef was amazing!!!

  7. I can safely say I haven’t heard of these before! Norfolk Island looks like my kind of place!

  8. WOW!! what a beautiful place! Australia is on my list for sur, this just gave me an amazing place to start!

  9. Funny as it may sound, for a travel lover, there are not alot of out of the US places I yearn to visit but Australia is one of them. I love wildlife and would love to see all the beauty down under.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures.

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