Camper Holiday Travels with Bibi
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Organizing a Safe Family Vacation: What Are the Benefits of Camper Holiday

Right now, there probably isn’t a person in the whole world who isn’t stressed. Covid has hit us all hard, and the lockdown and the threat of the virus is making our already hectic lives even more disorderly. Amidst all that chaos, it’s obvious that most of us need a good, long vacation. But how on earth can you do it safely when the whole country is in lockdown right now?

Enter – RVs and other camper vehicles. While air travel is far from a sensible option right now, campers are much safer and can give you the option of taking your entire family on a vacation even now.

Here’s why taking a camper holiday is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

Camper Holiday Travels with Bibi

Go Wherever You Want

Camper Holiday Travels with Bibi

If you opt for a camper holiday, there will be literally no limit as to where you can go and what sites you can see. Standard vacations usually limit the tourist to one or two stay destinations, but if you rent out a comfortable camper, you will be able to move easily from one place to the next and create a personalized itinerary. Most countries offer free or budget-friendly campsites, which is a great option for long relaxing travels in search of new experiences and adventures.

Bring As Much As You Need

When it comes to light packing for the holidays, forget the advice you saw online: with a camper, you can take anything you want with you. Campers are an especially cool travel option for families with children because they all the adults to pack kids’ favorite toys and books without compromising comfort on the fly. What’s more, the whole thing is completely safe – as long as you pay attention to road safety for kids, you don’t have to worry about injury.

Also, campers allow you to take your pet with you, which means one worry less for a traveling family. On top of that, camper holidays entail lower total trip expenses while allowing the whole family to have fun together.

Have As Much Luxury As You Want

Camper Holiday Travels with Bibi

If you’re imagining a cramped, stuffy RV where you’ll be sitting bored and uncomfortable throughout the entire trip because there’s nothing to do, let us reassure you. A camper holiday can be just as relaxing, luxurious, and cozy as any other vacation, especially if you invest in a few accessories and pieces of equipment. For starters, check out the latest Furrion luxury gadgets that will make your holiday feel like you’re spending it in a five-star hotel. You can get practically anything for an RV – from an AC unit to a full on outdoor TV that you can use to organize a movie night out in nature and make your RV trip comfortable and super cozy.

Cost-Efficient Holiday Solution

Most holidays are pretty expensive as you have to cover hotel and food costs on your own. In this respect, a caravan holiday will prove a much more budget-friendly option. You will have a comfy place to stay in on the go and you can stock up the trip food supply before departure. What’s more, buying the food from convenience stores and preparing your own meals during the trip is more cost-efficient than eating at restaurants en route. If you’re worried about gas expenses, do your research well before renting out a caravan.

Limitless Possibilities

Camper Holiday Travels with Bibi

The main benefit of camper holidays is that they allow you to make amazing memories and custom-tailor your vacation to your individual preferences. You can embark on the trip alone in a quest for peace, self-realization, and adventures, or you can organize a family holiday and strengthen the bonds of love. You can also head over to a romantic getaway with your special someone, or you can bring your friends along for added fun and entertainment. Since the camper unit comes pre-equipped with fridge and shower amenities, you will be able to make the holiday last as long as you want and structure it around activities you like most.

A camper holiday means taking the comfort of your home with you on a trip and enjoying the freedom to change the camping site whenever you like. For your peace of mind, make sure to get your travel insurance in place before the trip: that way, any unforeseen circumstances will be taken care of in advance. With food, shower, and sleeping area within your reach 24/7, you will be able to spend more time enjoying yourself and having fun during the vacation. Bon voyage!

Do you vacation in an RV, travel trailer, or other type of recreation vehicle? Let us know what you love about family camper travel in a comment below.

Camper Holiday Travels with Bibi


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  1. It certainly seems like a great way to see the country. We have not done any vacations in a camper, but someday I would love to drive cross country in one. I just need to convince my husband.

  2. We used to talk about buying a camper all the time years ago and recently have reintroduced the topic! It’s definitely very timely and there are for sure advantages!

  3. I’ve never really considered renting a camper before these times, as I’m more of a tenter. My partner on the other hand would be ecstatic. I like the idea of a comfy place to sleep, and worrying less about minimal packing. Another great advantage would be staying in national parks. You get the beauty and comfort.

  4. My husband and I don’t have any desire to fly right now. The only traveling I’ve done are day trips to state parks and trails – and one solo stay at a friend’s cabin (we both disinfected generously). I’ve never been much of a camper but am leaning that way during these surreal times…a camper van may even be a good option for us.

  5. We have never taken a camper trip, although I have been considering it. The idea of having our own little space that moves with us, and not having to pack and unpack every time you switch a hotel, is definitely appealing!

  6. We were visiting Yellowstone last week and saw a lot of people who had rented campers, so this is definitely a popular travel choice this year.

  7. My kids and I used to travel with my parents in their big RV. It was always so fun and much better, comfort wise, than traveling across the US by car. Such great memories! I’d love to travel by camper or RV again.

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