20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

Solo Vacations: 20 Best Cities to Travel Alone

20 Best Cities to Travel Alone

Everyone loves traveling and exploring new places. In some occasions, you’ll find out that our travel plans don’t fit with your loved ones’ plans. What do you do? Will you postpone your travel until your family and friends are free?

Traveling with friends and family has tons of advantages and so does traveling alone. When you travel by yourself, you get to be your own boss. You don’t have to wait for someone or discuss issues before executing them. There is only one person to worry about; yourself. Travelling alone makes it easier for you to plan your trip. You can also take it easy and go with the flow.

Spending time alone has tons of benefits too. It helps you understand yourself on a deeper level. You cannot understand other people if you don’t understand yourself. Spending time alone will help you clear your head and relax.

If you’ve decided to travel alone, there are many places for you to visit in the United States and all over the world. Countries such as Australia, Spain and Canada have exotic destinations that you are going to enjoy.

Create a budget and start planning today because you are going to have a great time. Here are twenty best cities to travel alone.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

1.    Paris, France

Paris is a global destination that is known for its romantic elements. You might be thinking that going to a romantic destination alone will burn you out. I am here to tell you that won’t be the case. Paris is a great place to walk and explore.

All you need to do is get your Paris Visite travel card to use public transport just in case your destination is far. There are great places to dine and wine in Paris. There are so many things you can do alone in Paris and still enjoy yourself.

2.    San Diego, California

California is a wonderful place for visitors who are travelling solo. There are several beaches including the Pacific Beach where you can wine, dine, surf, swim and enjoy the setting sun and the golden sands.

The San Diego zoo is also a wonderful place to chill out and enjoy the scenery. There are tons of places to stay during your trip or vacation. If you enjoy the nightlife, you can check out the Gaslamp Quarter.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

3.    Beaver Creek, Colorado

Do you love winter sports? I love them too and I do them solo most of the time. You can visit this Rocky Mountain village alone and still enjoy snowboarding and skiing. You don’t have to wait until winter to visit this destination. There are several interesting things you can do in warmer climate such as mountain biking and hiking. Beaver Creek is a place that will help get closer to nature and yourself.

4.    Rome, Italy

Rome has always been my dream destination. If you also dream of visiting Rome, there are several exciting sights for you to see such as the Colosseum and the famous pieces of art and architecture. The Italians living in Rome are very friendly and warm. Therefore, if you go there alone, you won’t lack anything.

There are plenty of beautiful places to stay and enjoy yourself. The public transportation is also great. You can also visit the Vatican City, the Catholic Church Center.

5.    Tuscany, Italy

Italy is a wonderful destination for solo travelers. If you love hiking, walking and cycling then Tuscany is the ideal place for you. Most of the residents communicate in English therefore things will be much easier for you. There is also enough pasta and wine for you.

Tuscany will give you a different perspective of Italy that Rome cannot. Tuscany is good place to travel alone because it is peaceful and quiet.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

6.    Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is not only an exotic location but also a great place to travel alone. You’ll be surprised by the good Wi-Fi connection and network reception that will allow you to stay in touch with family and friends.

There are lots of natural sceneries to enjoy such as the volcanoes, waterfalls and hot springs. You can hike, cycle and explore the caves while ice climbing. In the evening, you can dine, wine, shop or continue with your exploration.

7.    Seville, Spain

Spain is an awesome place to do solo travelling. Seville is one of the simplest cities to get around due to the bus systems and the great metro.

There are several breathtaking sights such as the Cathedral of Seville, Giralda and Torre del Oro to name a few. These destinations are not far from each other. You will also enjoy the nightlife by taking flamenco lessons.

8.    Ljubljana, Slovenia

Most travelers haven’t heard about this glamorous European city but it’s a wonderful destination for people who are travelling alone. There are lots of beautiful sceneries to enjoy in this city. You can visit the Ljubljana Castle, have a fun ride and also taste some Slovenian dishes.

You can cruise around the city on a boat and get the opportunity to see the Dragon Bridges. With the Ljubljana card, you can enter more than twenty attraction sites and get unlimited bus rides.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

9.    Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a great and welcoming place for solo travelers. There are several ways to get around the city including public transport. If you are a coffee lover, you will definitely visit the Original Starbucks on Pike Place Market. You can also see the whales and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

10.   Vietnam

Safety is probably the number one aspect on your list when travelling. In Vietnam, you’ll be delighted to find friendly locals. It’s important for you to learn how to speak some Vietnamese or have a tour guide to help you. Vietnam has variety of delicious dishes ranging from beef, rice, fried spring roll to grilled pork. There are also several temples and museums to visit.

11.   Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is quite similar to Vietnam. It’s a safe place to travel alone. The unique and interesting culture takes Thailand to a whole new level. Bangkok has wonderful food and nightlife. There are different forms of transportation that you can enjoy such as the long tail boats and the tuktuk.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

12.   New York City, New York

New York City is one of the popular tourist attraction sites in the world. You can have fun watching the Broadway shows, attending sporting events or tasting food and wine. You can also check out the Times Square and Manhattan without dragging yourself back to the business world. New York is just amazing!

13.   Toronto, Canada

Toronto is among the best cities in North America. If you live in New York, its only 100 miles North. The public transport is amazing and the city radiates the European feeling. You cannot fail to visit the Toronto Zoo or enjoy the weather at High Park.

14.   New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the friendliest and safe places in the world. As a solo traveler, you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors. There are plenty of exciting features in New Zealand such as the sandy beaches, caves and hot pools. The vineyards in Gibbston valley are also breath taking. Most of the landscapes are featured in popular films.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

15.   Sri Lanka

If you love nature, Sri Lanka is the ideal place for you. You’ll be amazed to know that there are eight heritage sites of UNESCO on the island. You’ll have a lot of thing to check out and enjoy. You will love the beautiful sandy beaches, parks and waterfalls. This is a wonderful destination for solo travelling.

16.   San Francisco, California

San Francisco is popular for its cable cars and streetcars. There are a lot of things you can do in this city such as viewing the Telegraph Power and the Golden Gate Bridge. Chinatown will also fascinate you with the number of delicious dishes. Nightlife is also on point.

17.   New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is popular for the party life. There are lots of things you can do in this town alone. You can enjoy the food, drinks and music in most restaurants and bars. The French Quarter is a place worth visiting. The steamboat cruises will make your adventures lively.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

18.   Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the best places for solo travelers. There are several beaches to keep you entertained and relaxed during your stay. You can also enjoy a free tour to the Royal Botanic Garden, visit the Australian Maritime Museum and check out the Sydney Cricket Ground if you love sports.

19.   Japan

Japan is among the safest, cleanest and organized countries you’ll ever visit. It has a fascinating culture, technological masterpiece and beautiful art museums. The only thing you should worry about is the language because English is not very common. The Japanese are welcoming and accommodating.

20 Best Cities to Travel Solo Travels with Bibi

20.   Germany

We can never leave Germany off of any great destination list. Berlin is a perfect place for solo travelers because there are lots of things you can do alone such as visiting the art galleries, shopping in the markets, visit the castles and enjoy Germany’s beautiful nature. Berlin is safe and English is spoken widely.


Traveling alone is not as scary as it seems. All you have to do is prepare yourself properly before the trip and choose your destination carefully. The destinations discussed above are the best in the world. Start your journey today!

Have you been to any other cities that would be great choices for solo travel? Let us know in a comment below!

Solo Vacations: 20 Best Cities to Travel Alone

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  1. My younger sister wants to move to Japan to be an English teacher there. I hope to be able to save up to take us there on maybe a week long vacation so that she can at least explore her options in preparation.

  2. I love traveling alone to certain places. Sometimes I just want to do the things I want to do without anyone else complaining.

  3. This is a great list! These places are wonderful for lots of travelers and most of them are on our bucket list.

  4. I haven’t done much solo travel (except for work), but it’s good to have a list of places to go if I decide I just need to get away!

  5. These are some great places. I have traveled alone for business, but never for pleasure. I certainly would not rule it out. I pinned this in case the situation ever arises.

    1. The best part of traveling solo is that you can travel however you like and then don’t have to be solo once you arrive. Get out there and meet all kinds of new people! 🙂

  6. I’ve never traveled solo but I’ve always wanted to go to a big city by myself. Maybe I’ll try it out.

  7. What a great extensive list of worldly places! Never traveled solo internationally so I enjoy seeing other people’s experiences

  8. Loved this article. I have traveled alone a couple of times and you’re right it’s kind of nice. You only have to please yourself. I will definitely use your article as a reference.

  9. I am so happy I traveled alone when I was younger. I boosted my confidence, allowed me to be independent and made sure I did what I needed to do before I settled down. I do miss solo travel and would recommend it to anyone. Great list.

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