Free Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs

Business owners want the highest return on their investments. When it comes to multiplying their advertising efforts, they will hire the best services possible. A highly rated advertising firm would be able to advance their brand beyond their immediate area. The cost for these services, on the other hand, would be in the high thousands.

The cheapest way to market your business is also the most honest. Taking charge of a company’s public image can demonstrate your passion for the product. It also shows potential clients that you consider them an important part of your organization. Listed below are some free marketing strategies you should be taking advantage of.


Master One Social Media Channel

It never hurts to be fluent in all social media platforms. Some can be more involving than others, but only one can go so far.

Focus on one platform that draws the most attention. Put more time into your Facebook page, if your content is getting overwhelming likes and shares. If you’re vocal with customers on Twitter, use that to convert follows into purchases.  

Email Marketing

Ever since social media exploded onto the scene, e-mail is becoming no different than snail mail. Still, users incur a lot of extraneous emails from their online activities.

Whenever you enter your e-mail address for an order, petition, or app sign-up, your inbox is filled with promotions. Do the same with your company, but make it worth the customer’s patience. A customer might send coupons and sales alerts to the trash. Fill your messages with content that affirms their interest in your brand.

Google My Business

Of all the available search engines on the web, Google reigns supreme. Google’s algorithms make it possible to narrow down searches based on your current location.

Your local business listing is too important to be fall below the top 3 ranking aggregated by Google My Business. Start by collecting reviews and citations to begin optimizing your profile.

Build Relationships

There’s nothing like healthy competition to stir up sales. But, there needs to be a sense of community among neighboring businesses. Forging partnerships with other small businesses will increase your revenue as well as theirs.

Imagine your donut shop offering a free small coffee with a valid ticket from the nearby dry cleaner. Have your custom T-shirt website reciprocate links with a custom 3-D printing service. The possibilities are as endless as the prospects.

Story is King

The public will buy from local businesses when the product or service is good enough. Patronization happens when they understand the story behind your brand.

Telling a compelling story about your work in online content demonstrates your expertise for the niche you cater to. Quality storytelling helps, but in ways that fit the medium you choose. Go to any of the highest earning Kickstarter pages and you’ll find colorful descriptors of each campaign’s mission and why it matters to the creators. The underlying theme to each is honesty. Don’t try to impress the customers. Try befriending them instead.

Do you have any tried and true marketing strategies that are no-cost? Let us know in a comment below.


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  1. Thanks for the tips, Shirley. Even when one is familiar with this stuff, reminders never hurt. I’m a fan of the sort of common sense you offer in this post. Cool… 🙂

  2. It is always nice to review strategies like these and think about the various ways I could improve my site. Great tips!

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