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How To Transfer and Buy Havasupai Campground Reservations

Did you survive Havasupai’s hours-long permit and campground reservation opening day for 2019 and find yourself among the lucky few to secure what seems like the hardest permits to get anywhere on the planet?

Maybe during the crazy reservation process, you took what you could get but after the initial euphoria wore off, you realized the dates you reserved just won’t work. So what do you do now?

New for the 2019 Havasupai hiking and camping season, a transfer system has been put in place to transfer your unneeded permits to someone who was not able to reserve on opening day. Win-win for everybody!

Follow the process below if you are looking to get a permit reservation or transfer one you no longer need!

How To Make A Reservation Request

Go to the Havasupai reservations Transfer Request Facebook page and list the dates and number of spots you are looking for, and nothing else.

Offering anything different from face value for spots, or responding to such offers, is explicitly prohibited (with penalties that may include, but are not limited to, the cancellation of the entire reservation).

How To Find Official Reservation Spots

There is only one way to safely and securely find and purchase extra spots. Click this link to see all currently available reservation spots: Havasupai Cancellations and Transfers.

How To Officially Transfer / Offer Your Extra Spots:

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Click on the “Campground” link on the top right of the page
  • Click on the “View” button next to your reservation
  • Click on the “Transfer” button
  • Select how many spots you would like to transfer away (one, some, or all) and generate a Transfer Link

After completing the above steps, you will then have the option of sharing that Transfer Link directly on the Official Campground Cancellation/Transfer List and on the Havasupai Reservations Transfers and Requests Facebook page.

Note: The above process is the only official way to transfer and purchase reservations. All other public postings of offers for available spots that do not include official Transfer Links are explicitly prohibited and may invoke penalties that may include, but are not limited to, the cancellation of the entire reservation. Don’t risk it!

The Cancellation / Transfer List will be constantly updated depending on what pending transfers are available so be sure to check it often. You just may secure the perfect dates for you!

Were you able to secure permits this year? I was lucky enough to get two for late August so if you go then, I’ll see you out there. If you have any tips for a Havasu Falls newbie, let me know in the comments below.

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How To Transfer and Buy Havasupai Campground Reservations

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