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Influencer Marketing: Tips That Can Help You Make More Money

Joe Sinkwitz, a highly successful digital marketing industry CEO at Intellifuence, brings us The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing. This book is a comprehensive how-to guide explaining the business world of influencers, how to use them for your business, and how to become an influencer yourself. I don’t typically read how-to books, usually choosing short online articles with a list of tips, but I really enjoyed this one!


With a conversational tone, it seemed like I was on an extended coffee break with Sinkwitz as he explained his top tips for succeeding in the influencer industry. His easy to understand writing style, with snippets of humor thrown in, was quick to read and engage with. His advice ranged from detailed categories in Part 1 explaining how to grow your business through the use of influencers, to Part 2, where we discover the step-by-step strategies needed to become a top-tier influencer ourselves. Slightly sassy at times, I respect Sinkwitz’s tell-it-how-it-is attitude because in business and making money, some things just shouldn’t be tiptoed around!

As my journey toward becoming a travel and lifestyle influencer begins, I’m going to do my best to take some of the advice from this book to heart. Here are a few pieces of advice from The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing that I think are the most insightful and beneficial:

– “Work toward niche expertise.”

– “Negotiate for fit over money initially, until you establish yourself as an expert.”

– “One of the most resilient forms of marketing and income generation is still email. Build that email list!”

I entered the arena of travel and lifestyle blogging three months ago and as someone new to the influencer world, I found his advice to be both intelligent and perceptive. Whether it’s applying this advice to my blog articles, on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, or while communicating with other influencers, I’m glad to have read this informative guide.

Do you want to make money through influencer marketing? Start by reading The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing to gain insightful information and learn the strategies you need to start adding money to your own bank account today.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing is available on Amazon.

This post was written in partnership with Intellifluence. All opinions are my own.

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