6 Amazing International Bridal Shower Locations Travels with Bibi

6 Amazing International Bridal Shower Locations

6 Amazing International Bridal Shower Locations

A wedding is rarely a solitary event, and the events leading up to the big day can be just as rewarding as the nuptials themselves. In particular, bridal showers are a great way to bond with family and friends, and to foster a sense of excitement about the bride’s upcoming wedding. If you’re considering having your bridal shower in a bucket list worthy exotic location, you might like to try one of the following incredible destinations:



If you’re a country girl at heart, Ireland might just be the place for you. Celebrating with your favourite people in a rustic bed and breakfast in the fresh country air is the perfect way to relax and prepare for your upcoming nuptials.

Ireland is also an excellent place for a road trip if you have the time; winding country roads, stopping for lunch in quaint towns, and viewing cliffs and castles will make for some seriously special memories. Consider flying out of Dublin if you’d like to explore the Irish capital after enjoying the countryside to your heart’s content.


The pristine islands of Samoa are often overlooked in favor of Fiji, their more famous cousin, but Samoa makes an excellent setting for a tropical bridal shower. Swim in the famous Sua Trench, go snorkeling, or visit the lava fields; there are a wealth of options for adventurous brides-to-be in this magical country. You could even book a once-in-a-lifetime activity such as swimming with whales– there aren’t many brides who get married and have already ticked that off the bucket list!

6 Amazing International Bridal Shower Locations Travels with BibiImage Source: Unsplash

Porto, Portugal

Best known for being the birthplace of port wine, Porto has a lot more to offer than just tasty alcoholic beverages – although these certainly go hand in hand with a fun bridal shower. Visit the incredible bookshop that inspired J.K. Rowling, enjoy a long lunch while watching passersby, or take a walk to see the city from above – this chic location is full of possibilities, no matter the type of bride.

Kyoto, Japan

If relaxing is your plan, Kyoto’s got you covered. Stay in a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) with an onsen for the full experience: you’ll be able to bathe in hot water from local springs, sleep on futons, and sample Japanese delicacies. Kyoto’s also the best place to go if you’d like to learn about Japanese history; in the ancient city, you can even hire a kimono and take a tour while wearing the traditional Japanese garment, which can be a fun group activity.

6 Amazing International Bridal Shower Locations Travels with BibiImage Source: Unsplash

 Rome, Italy

The Eternal City can make for a seriously enchanting bridal shower location: think cocktails at rooftop bars, sampling dozens of flavors at the best ice cream shops in the world, and meandering along cobblestone streets, many of which seem to lead to an ancient monument at every turn. Just avoid Rome in the midst of summer: you’ll spend more time sweating and jostling among disgruntled tourists than you will exploring and relaxing.


This compact city manages to be both bustling and charming. Singapore offers visitors the chance to shop and eat like royalty, making it the perfect place for any bride who wants to prepare for her big day by engaging in a little retail therapy followed by great food and drink. If you’re an animal lover, you won’t want to miss the Night Safari, either, where you can see your favourite nocturnal creatures in their natural environments.

While you won’t be able to expect all your invitees to attend a bridal shower in a foreign country, heading overseas with your friends will create a pre-wedding experience you’ll never forget!

6 Amazing International Bridal Shower Locations Travels with BibiImage Source: Unsplash

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Do you have an international bridal shower or wedding coming up soon? Even if you don’t, these destinations would make for a super fun holiday!

We would love to hear about your plans even if you don’t have a bridal shower in your future. Let us know all about them in the comments below.

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  1. I used to live in Portugal for three years but, can you believe it, I never made it to Porto! You’ve put it back on my list to get out there for a holiday….. because I don’t think I’ll be planning a hen party any time soon!

  2. What a fun idea – a bridal shower and girls trip all in one! When I got married, we were so young it didn’t even occur to us to go out of the country. Maybe for my daughter in a few years though …

  3. International trips are already a blast, but doing it for a bridal shower with your best girlfriends sounds even better. I’ve never thought about an international bridal shower, but now it’s definitely something to consider – thank you!

    1. I’m sure your bridal shower was lovely Alison! No need for a re-do. But if you ever need a girl’s trip destination, please keep these in mind.

  4. I didn’t realize people do bridal shower destinations. I knew for weddings they did but not bridal showers. That could be really fun though. A last girls getaway. These are great destination ideas.

    1. Thanks Karie. I love the idea of a last girls only getaway before the wedding. Or just a girls getaway for no reason at all. 🙂

  5. Kyoto sounds like so much fun! I had never even thought about going there until I read this. It sounds amazing!

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