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Joint Pain Relief Found: CBD Soothing Balm Works!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I like getting outside and kicking some mountain butt. I’m in my upper fifties age-wise, so sometimes those mountains kick my butt right back! In this case, my recent hike was a knee kicker!

After completing a recent section of the Appalachian Trail on the NC/TN border, I was having pretty significant knee pain after 1,600 feet of elevation descent. I felt exactly like I looked in this picture: sore and tired!

Travels with Bibi

I had previously received a complimentary sample of CBD Soothing Balm from Natural Native, so now was the perfect time to give the balm a try.

Before the first application of the CBD Soothing Balm, my knee was quite painful and swollen. I generously applied the balm to the affected knee and was delighted to discover that there was no overpowering odor.

Strong odor is one thing that usually keeps me from using other products; I just simply cannot tolerate overpowering chemical smells.

The scent of the CBD balm however, was very subtle and natural, while also being quite pleasant. No stinky balm here!

After application of the balm, there was no hot or cold feeling on my skin. The balm absorbed quickly and did not leave my skin feeling greasy. I was able to get dressed right away with no worries of any unabsorbed balm staining my clothing.

Then the wait for potential pain relief began. I thought I would have to wait hours for any type of pain relief. Wrong! The CBD balm started working right away and I noticed my knee was feeling less painful after about 15 minutes. The swelling seemed to be diminished after an hour or so. Bonus!

I applied the CBD Soothing Balm a couple more times throughout the night, and by the next morning, my knee was significantly improved with less pain, less swelling, and less inflammation.

I love this balm! I was also quite pleased to discover that Natural Native uses only organic farming practices and are governed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Their products are 100% free of THC and are verified with independent lab testing.

I definitely recommend Natural Native CBD Soothing Balm. If it can keep my old knees pain and inflammation free after a super hard hike, I’ll bet it can work for you too! If you have aches and pains from any activity, you’ll want to give it a try!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample of the product but all opinions are my own.

Have you tried a CBD product for pain relief? Did it work for You? Let me know in a comment below.

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Joint Pain Relief Found: CBD Soothing Balm Works!

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  1. What a coincidence–my mom was just raving to me about this stuff! She suffers from arthritis and tried it on a whim and she said it is one of the best things she’s tried in soothing the pain. So glad it worked for you too!

  2. Hey 👋 thanks for this. Does this work on swollen feet as well? I have noticed that during travels, my feet tend to ache and swell at the ankles which can be uncomfortable.

    1. I’m certainly not a medical professional (I’m a high school math teacher!) but I’ve heard that swollen feet from travel might be fluid retention. I’m not sure this product would help with that. I can say though, that it works on sore muscles and joints that are sore as a result from some sort of activity. That has been my experience with the balm.

  3. Wow! I have never heard of this. My dad suffers from chronic knee pain. I will have to get him some to try. I have an appointment to discuss introducing CBD oil with my dog hopefully it helps with his seizures!

    1. I’ve had excellent results reducing my joint pain when using CBD balm. Fingers crossed for your dog!

  4. I have never used any CBD products but have been very curious. I however don’t get much joint pain anymore since using collagen powder, have you tried that at all?

  5. yes i have been using the CBD Balm i have been having trouble with bottom of my feet arthritis in them really been hurting since using this it has cleared up alot,i love it

  6. I have been using 300mg balm for a week now, and no change. My elbow hurts, probably tennis elbow or some form of arthritis, and pinky finger joint hurts from years of typing, finally caught up with me. Neither feel any better, in fact my elbow seems worst. I’m probably going to see if i can get a refund because $80 is quite steep for something not working. I was super excited that i might find relief without going to the doctor again for my pain. I’m disappointed and bummed.

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