Ruggable Rugs: A Rug That’s Easy To Clean! Travels with Bibi

Ruggable Rugs: A Versatile Rug That’s Easy To Clean!

I recently received a complimentary rug runner to try in my home, and after using it for a couple of weeks, I’ve discovered the rug of my dreams!

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I know ‘rug of my dreams’ sounds over the top, but the Ruggable is a washable, stain resistant 2-piece rug system and has been a time saver many times over.

My two pups, Murray and Munson, definitely put the Ruggable rug to the ultimate test, and it survived everything these two rambunctious pups could throw at it. Mud, red Georgia clay, grass stains, doggy drool, and everything in between, were no match for the Ruggable.

Ruggable Rugs: A Rug That’s Easy To Clean! Travels with Bibi

The Ruggable is super easy to clean! With one removable rug cover and one cushioned non-slip rug pad, Ruggable’s innovative technology makes it possible for small and large area rugs to be washed as easily and frequently as regular bedding.

Ruggable Rugs: A Rug That’s Easy To Clean! Travels with Bibi

I especially love the machine washable feature as it helps keep my living space looking, smelling and feeling clean. Believe me, that’s tough to do with my two pups constantly running in and out of the house and bringing in a lot of dirt and grime each time. Ruggable met the challenge with ease!

With Ruggable, rug cleaning is super easy and can be done in any conventional washer/dryer combo. Choose from a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors so there’s a Ruggable to fit every style and need.

With a little bit of practice in putting the two pieces together after each wash, wrinkles are less common with continued use. I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but I’m getting there.

Ruggable Rugs: A Rug That’s Easy To Clean! Travels with Bibi

All in all, I really enjoyed trying the Ruggable runner and can see it being used by parents with small children, pet parents, grandparents, classroom teachers, in daycare centers, or anywhere else an easy to clean rug is needed.

Check out Ruggable for yourself here and discover a rug that pairs perfectly with busy and active lifestyles, or use it in any space where clean rugs are a must!

Have you tried a Ruggable? How did it work for you? Let me know in a comment below.

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