Bad Smells? Check Out Smelly Proof Bags! Travels with Bibi
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Bad Smells Got Your Down? Check Out Smelly Proof Bags!

Do you ever turn up your nose because of unpleasant odors in your home or car? With two dogs and a couple of diaper wearing grandchildren, I know I do!

I was sent samples of Smelly Proof bags, and I’ve got to tell you, these bags were the best I’ve ever used to reduce unpleasant smells and odors. Even though I received complimentary Smelly Proof bags, all opinions are strictly my own.

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Onions? No problem! Dirty diapers? No problem either!

Bad Smells? Check Out Smelly Proof Bags! Travels with Bibi

And the biggest challenge of all: not one, not two, but three dog poop bags after a recent hiking adventure and dog-friendly visit to the Biltmore Estate. But none of those odor producing activities were a match for Smelly Proof bags!

If your family needs an odor blocking bag, Smelly Proof makes it easy to help make your home and car stay fresh and clean. With sturdy locking zippers and made with special medical grade material, these bags help keep even the nastiest odors trapped inside.

The bags are sturdy, durable, and reusable, which not only saves you money, but helps the environment since less waste overall is making it to the landfill. The bags are liquid, moisture, and puncture resistant and are much tougher than any you will find at the local grocery store.

Bad Smells? Check Out Smelly Proof Bags! Travels with Bibi

Smelly Proof bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to purchase the perfect odor proof bag that can handle every smelly item you throw into it.

There are literally hundreds of possible uses, but here are some ideas of when smell proof bags might be just what you’re looking for:

  • Store raw meat, fish, or other strong-smelling food
  • Pack your road trip food to keep it fresh
  • Store trail food to help keep critters from smelling it while camping or backpacking
  • Store dirty clothes, toiletries, and even shoes when traveling
  • Store tobacco products
  • Store garden and other home tools
  • Store used diapers
  • Use as containers for pet waste
  • Use to keep wet items separated from dry things
  • And so much more!

Bad Smells? Check Out Smelly Proof Bags! Travels with Bibi

Since you never know when you might need a Smelly Proof bag, keep a few extras at home and in your car. They will hide strong smells and are the ideal solution to help keep your environment odor free and more hygienic.

Storing and keeping odor-causing items separated from other items was never easier than when I used Smelly Proof bags!

Have you ever used Smelly Proof bags? Let us know how they worked for you in a comment below.

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Bad Smells Got Your Down? Check Out Smelly Proof Bags!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion! It really makes me want to try out the smelly proof bags.

  2. Never heard of these before but it is such a great idea. I wish I had something like this when my kids were babies, and their clothes would get wet or dirty. Love all the uses you suggested for it:)

  3. I had no idea such a thing existed, but what a great idea! I am a super smeller (meaning I smell even the faintest of odors) so these might be my new favorite household item!!!!

    1. They really are great,Veronica. Give them a try and help eliminate the smelly things in your life. 🙂

  4. Never heard of these before! Such a great idea. I especially love the idea for dirty diapers when I am at my son’s baseball game and I have to change my daughter and there is no trash can around! Nothing like having to leave a diaper in a hot car!

  5. This is a new one to me – and I have two geriatric dogs who could certainly use some “smelly-proof”! These would be great for walking my fur babies. Thanks!

    1. Abbey, these are great for pets and if you use a regular pet waste bag first, the Smelly Proof bag is re-usable.

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