Tennessee's Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge! Travels with Bibi

Tennessee’s Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge!

Llama Glamping and Trekking with The Wandering Llamas!

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and fun bucket list worthy adventure near Mosheim, Tennessee, look no further than llama glamping and trekking with The Wandering Llamas! Both activities can be found in Northeastern Tennessee’s pristine wilderness, where you can glamp (glamorous camping) and trek (hike) with a woolly hiking buddy and knowledgeable wilderness guide.

Perhaps best of all, you get to lead a llama when you add a trek to your glamping experience! Hailing from the land of the Andes, llamas are calm, soft-footed, and sure-footed. They don’t spit, they don’t trip, and they don’t step on you. If you can walk a dog, you can lead a llama.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or other nature loving event, you can schedule with Sandy and have llamas attend too!

Tennessee's Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge! Travels with Bibi

Sandy Sgrillo, the owner of The Wandering Llamas, has spent decades honing her backcountry craft, and it shows. Sandy will enrich your llama trekking eco-adventure with her extensive knowledge of local ecology, including native plants and wildlife; edible plants; natural and cultural history; and basic wilderness living skills.

Your glamping experience will take you deep-ish into the Blue Ridge Mountain wilderness, a pristine and beautiful landscape on the McMillan Horse Ranch, close to Cherokee National Forest. Glampers can traverse trails with lush foliage and beautiful wildflowers in most seasons, get close to wildlife, cross shallow streams, and sleep under a million zillion stars. All with llamas!

Tennessee's Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge! Travels with Bibi

After arriving and parking your vehicle, the glamping tent is ready and waiting for your overnight adventure. The llamas are pastured close by if you wish to visit and pet them.

Did you know that llamas are not only good neighbors, but they’re also good watchdogs who will raise the alarm if other critters happen to pass close to camp? Just when you thought you couldn’t like llamas more than you already did; no worrying about what might be in the woods with you!

Glamping in Style

Tennessee's Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge! Travels with Bibi

Hike into a world of luxury, softness, coziness, calmness, and fantasy!

The spacious tent is luscious in its furnishings and glampers will enjoy a comfortable queen size bed with plump pillows and llama themed linens, electricity, a coffee and wine bar, propane heater for cooler nights, and rustic cabin-style wood furniture.

The glamping platform site includes a large canopy with rocking chairs situated near the steel fire pit, so bring marshmallows for roasting! A camp toilet is on site as well. The setup has everything you need to enjoy a special night under the stars!

Tennessee's Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge! Travels with Bibi

Guests will have many activity options to choose from while staying in their overnight home away from home. Fishing, llama trekking, horse-back riding, hiking, and stained-glass classes are all available upon request.

Or just relax and do nothing!

Looking for glamping fun on the West Coast? Look no further than this article where you can learn about glamping adventures in Washington state!

Tips for a Successful Llama Trip

If you’re considering a llama glamping trip, and you totally should, here are a few things I recommend to help make your trip possible and amazingly fun:

  • Book right this minute: The Wandering Llamas is a small, owner operated company. Don’t fret about the size of the operation though. Sandy personally ensures you will receive the best in customer service! If you think one of her trips is perfect for you, reserve right away. If you have a tight schedule, Sandy may be able to customize a trip that fits your needs.
  • Take the tent policy seriously: Sandy knows what she’s doing. When she says bring extra socks or slippers, she means bring extra socks or slippers, not your old, falling apart running shoes. You’ll need them in the glamping tent as no outdoor shoes are permitted inside.

Don’t want to sleep with llamas? Book a day trek instead!

Tennessee's Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge! Travels with Bibi

In the event that you are not the camping sort, book a 3-hour, 2-3 mile day trek. You’ll get a lot of llama  fun experiences for a budget-friendly cost. Special themed llama treks are available too!

The minimum age for trekking is 5 years old.

You’re sure to enjoy your trek since Sandy is an excellent guide! Her decades of experience, good humor, and willingness to answer question after question makes her really great company.  On all trips, you will learn tidbits about botany, zoology, backcountry survival, and even some regional history and fun facts.

Have a Blast

If you are a stargazing enthusiast who wants to snuggle up much closer to nature, choose the glamping option and luxuriate in the well-appointed tent with luscious furnishings and all the amenities needed for an amazing night in the woods.

Or instead, choose a day trek and hike with llamas! Sandy has designated hiking trails for a one-of-a-kind way to go exploring in the forest and you’re sure to love it. Hike for a couple of hours then dig in to your trail-side lunch as the llamas nibble on nearby grass.

No matter which option you prefer, you’ll have the time of your life while enjoying the entertaining, fun, and friendly llamas at The Wandering Llamas.

Have you ever been on a glamping trip before? Have you trekked with llamas? Let me know how amazing your experience was in a comment below.

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Tennessee\'s Best Place For Glamping: The LlamaLodge!

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    1. It’s the newest way to have a camping experience without all the hassle! Basically, you just show up with a few personal items and have a great time. Sandy is a close friend of mine and I know she provides excellent value for your travel dollar…..and her llamas are so fun!

    1. Oh yes, Sandy’s glamping location has everything you need to be cozy and comfortable while sleeping under the stars. Everyone should book a trip with her for a unique and glamorous camping experience.

  1. This is very cool, as is Tennessee itself. I was there years ago, at Steve Kaufman’s flatpicking guitar “kamp.” It definitely wasn’t glamping, though. Would be cool to go back there in glamping style… 🙂 Thanks for this!

  2. OMG Lamas!! This sounds so amazing and I’ve always wanted to try glamping <3 I've never been to Tennessee either it all sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing all the details -these pics are so adorable. I have to share this too. xxx

    1. Thanks Val! Yes, the llamas are AMAZING! Two of my favorite llamas from Sandy’s herd are Jambo and Chester!

    1. It’s a very special place here in the mountains of Tennessee. If you ever travel to Tennessee, John, I’ll take you to visit the llamas myself. 🙂

    1. Llamas are so gentle and fun to be around! It only took me one hike with Sandy’s llama’s to fall in love with them.

  3. This sounds good! I definitely don’t like camping so I wonder if I would fare better with glamping???? I might just have to try it out to see!

    1. Glamping offers the same type of bed you would find in a fancy hotel. Maybe you can give it a try one day Joleisa.

    1. It is Julie! Some of my best days are spent out in the woods and glamping offers most of the creature comforts of a much fancier hotel. At the LlamaLodge, there’s the added bonus of Sandy’s llamas.

    1. The LlamaLodge has all you need to have a great night under the stars. The llamas make it even more special. 🙂

  4. AHHH! This is right up my alley! I love to be outside but I’m not the best “camper” & LLAMAS?! I’m clicking for more information now.

    1. Excellent, Jordan! Sandy is the most fun and friendly person I know in all of Tennessee! She is so knowledgable and works really hard at making sure her guests have a wonderful experience.

  5. We may be making a road trip to Tennessee this summer and my kids would love this place (I pinned for later). What an exciting adventure and the llamas are too cute. What a way to connect with nature without going full out camping.

    1. Yes, every kid that has hiked with Sandy has had a fabulous time! I can’t think of a single outing when anyone had negative comments afterwards. The llamas always steal the show!

  6. What an amazing place! I’m much more of a glamper than a camper, and the llamas just put it over the top!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I go camping in an old pop-up with my family in Colorado, but I’ve never been glamping. And the trekking with llamas, how can you beat it?

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