The Best Destinations For The Quieter Travelers Among Us Travels with Bibi

The Best Destinations For The Quieter Travelers Among Us

If you’re someone who loves to take a trip to the other ends of the Earth, but you’re still someone who likes to hang back from the crowd and take things at your own pace, there’s a lot of destinations for you out there!

During the current worldwide health situation, you may choose to travel alone. If so, these tips are perfect for you!

Don’t worry, being a quiet, and possible quite shy traveler, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best spots the world has to offer. After all, you can just book yourself into a private AirBnb nowadays, if you don’t want to bother with the bustle of a hotel or hostel while you’re away!

So here’s just a couple of the best destinations for someone who prefers to travel solo.


Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is an island that’s off to the west of mainland Greece, and it’s one of the most quiet islands you’ll ever come across on that side of the world.

Its geographical location also has the added bonus of just being offshore of the smaller island of Ithaca as well, which is a lovely place for anyone looking to kick back and relax without anyone else disturbing them.

Ithaca in itself is a wonderful place for anyone who loves mythology and mystery, so you could really get lost here if you desire!

Kefalonia, on the other hand, is quite a family destination, with plenty to offer those looking to entertain their children and still have some fun away as adults away from them. And that means it’s a place that’s just suited for someone like you, who desires a quieter place to retreat to: family vacation destinations are rather gentle, compared to somewhere like Ibiza, and place a lot of priority on events during the day time.

Kefalonia is also a very large island, so the beaches there don’t tend to get crowded, even during the summer haze when everyone is looking to catch a tan. You could find yourself a quiet corner in the sand very easily, and not have to bother with any other tourists!

New Jersey, USA

If you’re someone who likes to combine both the high life of the inner city, and the peace and quiet of a small town on the outskirts of civilization, then New Jersey is the place for you.

It’s a place that’s recently putting a lot of focus into its tourism sector, and is home to towns such as Irvington, where you might have Mayor Vauss himself waiting on the doorstep to greet you!

There is a lot you can see and do here if you like being on your own. Heading out to Six Flags for the day can be done very easily alone, and you can disappear into the crowd while enjoying all of the water rides.

You’ll even be able to capture a great selfie with the Statue of Liberty in the distance while going for a picnic in the Liberty park!

If you’ve got the time to go on vacation, why not jump on for either of these?


The Best Destinations For The Quieter Travelers Among Us

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  1. Kefalonia, Greece sounds like the perfect destination to unplug and recharge. I’d love to visit this quiet island.

  2. I am one of those travelers…Big cities are ok but not usually our favorites once we get home.

  3. I’m what’s known as an ambivert – a social introvert. While I love to be social, I also need my solo time to recharge and sometimes traveling on my own schedule so these would be perfect.

  4. With Greece being such a huge touristy destination it’s nice to know you can still find a quieter place to visit. I wouldn’t have considered New Jersey as a quiet place to visit.

  5. Kefalonia looks like a beautiful place to visit! Quiet destinations are always lovely; thanks for sharing!

  6. Greece looks awesome. I haven’t heard of that island before! Though Ithaca sounds like a place I better go to!

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