Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year!

Did you know that Tuesday is the best day to book airfare and Wednesday is the best day to fly, while January is the best and cheapest time to travel?

These are all myths that are yet to be proven but the truth is that you can get the cheapest places to travel by picking the right destination at the right time of the year.

Everyone likes to travel and it is a dream for all to travel to historical places in the world, but this remains a dream that might not come true to many due to financial reasons. The fact that travel is costly puts off many people. But is traveling really costly?

Well, with the right timing, you can travel to your dream destination and still remain with some left-over bucks to spend on some fantastic food adventures and other things. Different cities have certain times of the year when you can spend a few bucks.

Whether you want to enjoy a gorgeous weather, an important event, airfare deals or anything else, every month in your calendar is a perfect month you can explore the world.

Wondering how?

Just continue reading as we list the most visited cheapest cities by travelers you can also enjoy yourself at an affordable price.

How to Find the Cheapest Flights for Traveling –Travel Tips and Tricks

Airline tickets are sometimes costly but with these tips, you can find cheap flights for your next vacation. When traveling by flight, airfares can be expensive especially if you don’t know how to find cheap flights. Remember, the prices go up when fuel costs rise.

Read our tips below to find cheap flights.

  • Take advantage of the best airfare search engines

One trick to find the cheapest flights is to use an airfare metasearch engine. The good thing about these search engines is that they are quick and easy and will search for tickets across multiple airlines. They are also equipped with useful tools for price prediction, fare alerts by email as well as price maps depending on the destinations you want to travel to.

The best thing is to hop to multiple flights search engines and compare the fares. The best flight search sites are Skyscanner, Google Flights, Kayak, and Momondo.  Check on all these sites since they are not all consistent when it comes to fares.

  • Set up fare alerts

You may also set up fare alerts for each flight search engine so that you get email alerts when the fares go down. Just enter the details about your destination, the dates, and the websites will send you regular alerts via email.

You may also check on some other few websites regularly or subscribe to their newsletters. These may include;,,,

And don’t forget the all important travel insurance in case life throws a wrench into your travel plans. I never leave home without it!

  • Observe the dates and times

It has been found that the best time to book a flight is 4-10 weeks prior to your trip and the best days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and or Saturday since they are considered to be off-peak where fewer people are traveling and fares are low. You could also book the early morning or overnight flights since they are also considered to be cheap.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that have also been recommended by Mathews Andrew, a travel expert, and consultant at cheap writing services.

Did you know that certain countries offer more relaxing experiences than others?  Head over to this article to find out where they are.

For now though, keep reading to discover the cheapest places to travel for each month of the year!


Berlin, Germany

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

Berlin is the travel destination if you want to escape the cold and is also an amazing place with the cheapest hotel rooms in January. Here, you will find around 175 museums plus plenty of galleries you can peruse.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is also another cheapest place to travel in mid-January. However, you must be careful with hidden expenses when vacationing at the Grand Canyon.

If you are lucky enough to get a much sought-after permit, Havasu Falls on the Havasupai Reservation would be the 2019 bucket list score!

Bali Indonesia

Another cheapest travel destination in January is Bali, with average temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, hotels can go even below $50 a night.



Honolulu is an expensive place to travel when the year is starting, but this romantic destination is cheaper during Valentine’s Day. In fact, the first week of the month is the best since values are at the very best.

Rome, Italy

February is a fantastic period to travel to Rome, the capital of Italy. During this period, hotels cost around $107 a night. If you’re curious about how much you might need to budget for a trip to Italy, check out this article here.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the Golden city which is known to be one of the most luxurious U.S. tourist destinations. But in February, you can travel to this city with about $345 flight fares.


Seoul, South Korea

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

If you want to enjoy Korean pop cultures, experience cutting-edge technology and have a view of impressive skyscrapers and temples in Korea, then visit the city in March when the hotels are at about $81 per night.

Flagstaff, AZ

This city is considered to be the gateway to the Grand Canyon and a cheaper one. It has cooler temperatures during the month of March. If you travel in the first week of the month, you could pay below $100 for a comfortable hotel a night.


Honolulu, Hawaii

This is one of the best travel destinations for many Americans. Honolulu is a pricey destination but hotels can go below $210 a night in April. The weather is usually fantastic at this time.


Chicago should be on your travel destination list come spring when hotels are about 54% cheaper.


If you are thinking to travel to Copenhagen, then it should not be during the month of May through October since this is a busy tourist season and everything is expensive. But in April, you can save about 36% on your hotel room.



Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

London is a global capital and it’s difficult to get a cheap ticket but if you travel to this destination after May Day, you could enjoy a nightly rate of $216 for the following week.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Travel to Sao Paulo before the summer seasons and enjoy the last plane tickets which are about $750. You will not encounter the crowds of people but there are amazing sites you can visit such as the Alto Ribeira State Park and Hopi Hari Park.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In May, you can expect the cost of hotels to be about $41 a night. The weather is usually at the lows of 80 and highs of 90.


Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is a city with great palaces, massage spas, and cuisine. You can enjoy cultural performances right at the heart of its capital Bangkok.During summer vacations, hotels can go up to $56 per night.

Glacier National Park, Montana

During summer, the best travel destination is Glacier National Park. It is believed that during this season, hotel rates are the lowest.


Dubai, UAE

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

Dubai is a city known for its constant developments and as an excellent tourist destination. It’s in Dubai where you can find the tallest skyscrapers in the world such as the iconic Burj Al-Arab hotel and the Burj Khalifa. This city, although pricey, is cheaper to travel during the month of July.


Avoid Columbus day and visit Boston on the Fourth of July and save about $120 a night on your hotel. The weather is also amazing during this time.



When you visit Berlin, the scene-ster capital of Europe, you could save the most bucks in hotels since the rates are usually about $100.

Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, the weather is hottest during summers, but hotels can cost about $80 a night. The good thing is that you will be provided with ways to cool down. You will enjoy a lot since Madrid is popular for its architecture as well as its Spanish cuisine.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

August is a summer tourist season for Zanzibar which is accompanied by hot weather. International flight rates go at about $1,350. Other choices in Tanzania can be found here.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

Visit the Puerto Vallarta, popularly known as a vacation resort in September and enjoy great hotel deals for $125 per night.


Rome doesn’t really have a bad time of the year, but September is a fantastic time to visit this perennially dreamy city. During the month of September, you can expect to pay about $131 a night for four-star hotels.


Cape Town

Watch whales from a Table Mountain in October at Cape Town with hotel rates under $80 on average a night.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is known as one of the most popular spring break destinations and is a gorgeous place to be during the month of October. Hotel rates go at about $135 per night. Here, you can enjoy yourself on the fabulous beaches.


Hong Kong

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

Hong Kong is known for its stunning skyline and metropolitan bustle and is best to visit in November. This is the best season when summer rains have passed and mercury has gone down. At this time, you can expect airfare deals for as low as $525.

Marrakech, Morocco

When you visit Marrakech in Morocco, you will notice that you do not need beaches to enjoy the winter sun and the temps are at the low 70s. There are usually many activities during this time but you can expect hotels to cost less than $100 per night.


Las Vegas

Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year Travels with Bibi

Celebrate bigger and bolder during the holidays in Vegas and enjoy a subsidized shopping with hotel rates going at about $84 per night.


Enjoy the first two weeks of December in a magical way in Frankfurt, plus the beautiful Christmas markets and cheerful displays. Here, you will stay in a four-star hotel at about $112 per night.


So, there you have it. Travel tips to find the cheapest flights and cheapest places to travel for each month of the year.

If you like traveling, then you can use the tips in this article to find the best deals. Remember, being flexible and willing to spend some time to search for the good deals can save you hundreds of dollars.

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Money Saving Tips: The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year!

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  1. This is great information! If you have the flexibility to choose when to travel, this works well. With kids in school, it’s tougher to plan longer trips outside of summer, so this is a helpful way to think about where to go when.

      thank you for your comment!

      Yes, you are right, with family is tougher to plan, but it’s all up to practice. Believe me, when you practice it, you’ll manage the traveling time more effective!

      Happy traveling and waiting for your tips from the journeys!

  2. Such a great list! I love traveling on the off season. Not only do you get better prices but they are so much less crowded! I feel like I can enjoy a place much more when I’m not battling lots of other tourists.

    1. You are so right, Janine! I feel the same joy when I go to somewhere in the off-season!
      Janine, please, keep sharing your ideas and insights, because they might be very useful for everyone!

      Happy holidays! 😉
      Best, Tiffany!

  3. I love this info on flight travel dates and times. So helpful as I start to think about summer travel with the family. I am going to start setting up trip fare alerts. Great helpful info.

  4. This article just fueled my wanderlust! This was very informative and helpful to know when to travel.

  5. Really informative post! I enjoy the and recommend AirfareWatchdog, as well. We are teachers, so the majority of our travel is in the summer and utilizing those resources can sometimes still help us find deals. But, now I am going to go look into Dubai for July 🙂

    1. Savng on flights is one thing I try to do too. Now that I’m retired from teaching, I seriously need to stretch the monthly budget.

  6. This is great! I have always wondered about this and thought of doing research but overwhelmed at how long that would take to put something like this together.

    1. Tiffany has taken most of the research out of planning the perfect trip no matter which month you want to travel.

  7. OMG, this list is super useful. I am just wondering how hot it will be in Dubai that month haha, I will be moving to Dubai during summer and I am worried I will suffer a lot haha! Amazing article!

    1. I’m so glad! Tiffany writes informative articles so be sure to subscribe to the blog and see what else she comes up with. It’s sure to be just as helpful as this article!

  8. Such a great wanderlust-inducing article! Very helpful for when you’ve got some time off and not sure where would be the right place to go. Thanks for sharing, and bookmarking this one for later!

    The Longest Weekend

  9. Such a great post! My birthdays in January and I always find it difficult to decide where to go for it as it’s a bit of an awkward time of year! I’ll Definitely be checking out your suggestions for next year. Maybe Berlin since it’s so close to us!

  10. Great info! Many of those are on my bucket list, so I loved this!!! I live on Oahu, so Asia is a great spot for us to travel. I also like skiplagged for fares and September and October are great times to travel to Oahu for cheap as well.

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