Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

6 Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler

Safety should always be on your mind, even when you’re just walking down the block to the grocery store. But when you’re traveling across the globe to a new and exciting destination, safety should become your number one priority. Yes, you should also do your part to travel in an environmentally-friendly way, and you should aim to visit as many breathtaking places in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you should expose yourself to danger at any point.

Look, you might be one tough cookie, and you might know how to take care of yourself, but there is no telling what might happen when you find yourself all alone in a foreign country. With that in mind, let’s go over these six essential safety tips that all women who are traveling solo should stick to, in order to minimize risks as much as possible, and have an amazing trip abroad.

Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

Research the Destination

First and foremost, don’t go anywhere without doing diligent research first. And that doesn’t just mean researching the best sites and the best accommodation, no, you need to research everything about the destination, especially the factors that pertain to personal safety in the entire region. After all, you don’t want to get stranded in a country that just went to war with a neighboring state, so you need to be on top of the relevant and current socio-economic and political climates in the region.

Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

Follow the Cultural Guidelines

Researching the local culture is of the utmost importance if you are to avoid any misunderstandings, prevent confrontations, and just stay safe in general as a solo female adventurer. Keep in mind that every country has its unique and distinct cultural heritage and customs, all of which need to be honored and respected as long as you are in the country, otherwise, you will expose yourself to the risk and potentially get yourself in trouble with the local people, and the local law enforcement.

If you are traveling to the Middle East or the Far East, for example, you have to know the proper code of conduct, as well as how to dress and speak to others. You also have to respect the local culture and avoid going to places where women are not allowed. Still, you can absolutely fill your days with lots of micro-adventures even if you stick to the rules.

Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

Find Suitable and Safe Accommodation

Just like staying vigilant on the streets, it’s also important to do your best to stay safe in your accommodation. Make sure to do your research and opt for the safest option where you can sleep soundly knowing you’re protected. If you want something cozy, affordable yet safe, opt for practical service apartments that are famous for their safety features.

Pick the right apartment provider, and you can expect 24-hours security, key cards for safe access, CCTV coverage and a great customer service team ready to assist you.  Aside from excellent safety, this kind of apartments offer top-notch comfort, great cleaning services and various community events you might enjoy.

Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

Make Sure You Have Proper Insurance

One of the most important considerations for all female travelers is insurance. There are two types of insurance you have to have and those are travel insurance and health insurance. It’s important that you find the right policy for your needs by checking out health insurance compare platforms where you can weigh the pros and cons of different policies, and find the one that will provide the best coverage in every scenario.

Likewise, you must find the ideal travel insurance policy for your needs, one that you can mold to your exact requirements through a flexible insurer who can adapt to your travel goals.

Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

Don’t Stray Off the Path

Another important rule you need to keep in mind at all times is that you really shouldn’t stray too far from the crowds. Sure, it’s fun to venture out on your own and lose yourself in an unfamiliar city, to find that cute little coffee shop and just enjoy your time soaking in the sights and sounds that surround you.

Yet, you always need to be aware of your surroundings like a true female road warrior, and you should know where you can and cannot go on your own. Research the good and the bad neighborhoods online, and mark them on your map.

Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler Travels with Bibi

Let Authorities Know Where You Are

Finally, be sure that everyone who is important to you back home knows where you are, and whatever you do, don’t turn off your GPS. Be sure to notify your local police station that you will be traveling abroad, and have them monitor your home while you’re gone, as well as your whereabouts through the GPS in your phone.

Make regular calls back home and post on social media so that people know you’re okay, and be sure to memorize the emergency numbers in the city where you’re staying, so that you can call the police on a moment’s notice if the need arises.

Traveling the world as a strong independent woman is an amazing feeling, and you should definitely try it out if you haven’t already. But that doesn’t mean that you should just spring into action without doing your research, so make sure to follow these tips and you will have no problem staying safe on your travels.

Do you have other tips that will help keep solo female travelers safe? Let us know in a comment below. And if you liked this article please share it!

6 Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler6 Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler

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  1. Wonderful tips! Some of these apply no matter how many are in your party, of course. It’s a good idea to tell people where you’re going. I also agree with researching a place. That’s one of my favorite parts of a trip!

  2. I agree with all your tips here. When I was traveling solo I definitely made sure someone knew where I was going and when to expect me back. Great tips for everyone really.

  3. These are great practical tips to keep in mind while traveling solo. It’s so important to keep aware of your surroundings. Another tip that I do when traveling solo and want to venture out at night is to sign up for a walking tour (history, restaurants, clubs, etc). That way you’re with a group. And if I did find myself out after dark by myself, I would walk back to my place on the busy streets and/or walk closely behind another group so it didn’t appear as if I was alone. Or take a cab/Uber.

  4. Great tips! I’ve never traveled solo, but Id like to think I’d feel comfortable traveling solo one day.

  5. Great tips! One other thing I learned during my time as a travel agent is that you can register your trip with the state department; it gives the information to the closest US Embassy to where you are staying. In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist event, etc they can help communicate with your family back home about your safety. If something goes wrong (like you go missing) they will already have your information on hand as well. It’s called the STEP program and you can find out more at

  6. Wonderful article and tips. It’s always important to make sure you are safe when traveling especially when it’s a solo trip!

  7. Those are great tips. I liked the GPS tracking. Have a family member or friend connected to the GPS tacking to fallow along.

  8. Great tips! I feel like people overlook cultural norms and guidelines A LOT when they travel and if they would’ve taken the time and energy to research or even care, they could save themselves a lot of problems.

  9. These are great tips for staying safe! Solo travel is definitely in my future. I’ve traveled alone in the US but never abroad. My first adventure was supposed to have been later this year. Hopefully next year!

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