The Ultimate Cruise Ship Destination: The Adriatic Sea Travels with Bibi

The Ultimate Cruise Ship Destination: The Adriatic Sea

I have yet to go on a luxury ocean cruise, so I’ve been researching where the ultimate cruising experience might be. You might be surprised at what I discovered!

While there are many interesting and beautiful places to choose from, I believe the perfect cruising destination, hands down, is in the Adriatic Sea region.

The Adriatic Sea is located at the northernmost portion of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Croatia. This location offers many opportunities for the perfect luxury cruise holiday.

Cruise the Adriatic Sea

The Ultimate Cruise Ship Destination: The Adriatic Sea Travels with Bibi

There are many reasons why the Adriatic Sea region is considered by many as a not-to-be-missed cruise destination.

Mythological Greece. Regal Croatia. Bewitching Italy are all just a start. These pearls of the region are legendary, and a cruise holiday to this region would make beautiful memories that would last a lifetime.

Adriatic Sea cruisers can enjoy crystal clear seas, lush islands, ancient ruins and medieval walled cities that are just some of the treasures that make this area a traveler’s paradise.

If that wasn’t enough, the pristine beauty, unique history, stunning scenery, and a mixture of cultures help make cruising this region a delight for veteran and new cruisers alike.

Things to Do

Luxury cruises in the Adriatic offer a wealth of opportunities for fun in the sun and depending on the cruise chosen, vacationers could experience the following on-shore activities as part of the cruise:

  • Ports of call in countries along the beautiful Adriatic Sea
  • Visit incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Enjoy walking tours of medieval cities
  • Take a boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks in Montenegro
  • See waterfalls in Krka National Park
  • Enjoy wine tasting at a local winery
  • Tour the Postojna Caves
  • Visit Lake Bled in Slovenia
  • Delight the senses in Venice, Italy
  • And so much more!

On board amenities are nearly endless and will leave cruisers feeling like they have landed in heaven on Earth. Just a few of the on-board amenities you could enjoy during your Adriatic cruise include:

  • Pools and Sundecks
  • Lounges and Bars
  • Theater and Shopping Area
  • Massages and Spa Treatments
  • Hair Salon
  • Fitness Room
  • Outstanding Cuisine
  • Impeccable Service

That’s just a sampling of amenities that are available on many cruise lines that tour the Adriatic. Your particular ship may have even more.

Things to See

The Ultimate Cruise Ship Destination: The Adriatic Sea Travels with Bibi

The countries and local destinations you might see while on an Adriatic cruise will vary according to the ship and itinerary you book, but some of the countries you could see include:

Montenegro – A small yet diverse country blessed with a mild climate and natural beauty.

Croatia – A country with spellbinding natural beauty featuring islands, waterfalls, and mountains, as well as good wine, good food, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Greece – Home of world-class architectural ruins, delightful islands, and lively, colorful cities.

Venice – A city full of life with the stunning art and architecture, and the bars, cafes, and restaurants where locals and travelers share good food and drink.

Sicily – Situated in the shadow of snow-topped Mount Etna, this is a beautiful land with colorful flowers such as bougainvillea and oleander.

Slovenia – Home to Lake Bled, well-known for its immeasurable natural beauty and picturesque mountains, emerald-green lakes, and the longest swimming season of any alpine resort.

Packing Tips for an Adriatic Cruise

  • Backpack – For shore excursions and walking around the ship on sea days. Handy for keeping your daily itinerary, sunscreen, electronics, and camera easily accessible.
  • Refillable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is key to having a fun so having a refillable bottle is essential for off-ship tours and excursions.

Final Thoughts

As you have read, a cruise through the Adriatic Sea offers sights, sounds, visual delights and many opportunities to visit countries you’ve only dreamed of. If you are looking to book a cruise, I highly recommend that you consider one that is based in the beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you ever been on a cruise through the Adriatic Sea region? Did you love the experience? Please let us know in a comment below.

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The Ultimate Cruise Ship Destination: The Adriatic Sea

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  1. oh man — this is simply amazing and on my travel bucket list. Two years ago, I enjoyed a Baltic Sea cruise & immediately added an Adriatic Sea cruise to my list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have been on many cruises, but never to here. It looks amazing. We did a 10 day cruise to Spain, France and Italy last summer. It was amazing!

  3. This looks amazing! I would love to cruise this area. It would cover so much ground on one trip!

  4. We took one of these cruises a couple years ago and it has been our favorite so far! I definitely recommend it to anyone.

  5. I’ve yet to go on a real cruise (I took an overnight ferry from Venice to Greece, but they told me it wasn’t quite the same). We sailed on the Adriatic so would love a do-over on a real cruise some time.

  6. I would love to cruise the Adriatic Sea. What great ports of call. Anything wine has my name all over it. I hope you get there.

  7. This looks so cool! I’ve never been to Europe, so what a great way to see many cities all in one go.

  8. What a fantastic cruise this would be! I have wanted to visit Croatia for the longest time. Saving this awesome post for sure! 😉

  9. We were really hoping to do this type cruise this year, but some other plans came up. It is definitely on our list for next year! Do you have a specific ship or cruise line that you recommend?

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