Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with Bibi

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise

Are you dreaming of the perfect cruise and envision yourself sailing into the sunset without a care in the world? Does that sound like you? If so, keep reading because I’ve found a U.S. built and flagged cruise line that could make your dreams come true and where you’ll find small ship cruising done perfectly.  The following post is sponsored by American Cruise Lines but all opinions are entirely my own.

River cruising with American Cruise Lines can be the perfect way to make your vacation dreams come true. The ships are smaller than traditional ocean liners and are a great way to enjoy a more intimate and personalized travel experience. Don’t be surprised if you make lasting friendships with other passengers and perhaps even meet a future river cruise travel partner!

I’ve been thinking about cruise travel plans for the upcoming year and fell in love with everything about American Cruise Lines. They offer interesting and unique itineraries, have environmentally friendly ships, deliver world class amenities and cuisine, and provide an intimate environment allowing for guests to be treated with the utmost care and attention. What’s not to love?

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Best for First Timers or Veteran Cruisers

If you’ve never been on a cruise before or you are a seasoned cruise veteran, a river cruise is a great choice! River boat journeys are generally smooth sailing and land is never far out of sight. The smaller boats are able to dock in destinations inaccessible to large cruise ships, offering guests unique opportunities for exploration of the towns and cities all along American rivers. 

With many varied river cruising options, you’re sure to find the perfect destination where you and your family could sail all of your cares away!

Mississippi River

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiCruise the legendary Mississippi River and its tributaries including the Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers. Discover the heart of Americana culture while passing rolling farmland and vibrant cities. Enjoy delectable regional cuisine, lively onboard music, and customized excursions to historical landmarks.

New England

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiDiscover the charming island villages of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, or view the rocky beauty of coastal Maine. Guests can enjoy a traditional lobster bake, learn about the area’s rich seafaring history, or be led by skillful, qualified guides to fascinating and scenic local destinations.

Pacific Northwest and Alaska

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiIf you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself in rugged, natural beauty, then cruising the Pacific Northwest or Alaska just might be for you. These itineraries will  allow you to explore the spectacular beauty of Alaska, Puget Sound and the Columbia & Snake Rivers.


Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiPerfect for history buffs, the cruises in the Southeast will leave you speechless with wonder. Discover classic Southern charm while cruising the Intracoastal Waterway or the early American ideal on the Chesapeake Bay Cruise. 

Specialty Themes

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiNo matter what type of experience you’re looking for, American Cruise Lines has the perfect themed cruise for you and your family. From unique choices including holidays, musical, historical, seafood, food lovers, fall foliage, and more, the themed cruises offer exceptional value and help create lifelong memories for your entire family.

Why Choose American Cruise Lines

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiWhen choosing to cruise aboard any one of American Cruise Lines modern and eco-friendly riverboats, paddle wheelers, or small cruise ships, you will get the latest amenities, state-of-the-art navigation, and safety equipment. 

The all-American crew helps create a welcoming atmosphere and strives to accommodate your every need with attentive, personalized service. The American Cruise Line difference is noticeable from the moment you step foot on board.

Public lounges and observation decks are spacious and comfortable. Staterooms are the largest in the small cruise ship industry and feature picture windows, roomy baths, and many offer furnished private balconies. Staterooms can accommodate from 1 – 3 people per room.

Highly trained chefs prepare exquisite cuisine, and open seating allows you to dine where and when you want. Glass enclosed dining salons provide panoramic views and you won’t want to miss the complimentary cocktail hour! If you wish, enjoy wine and beer with meals as well.

There is always something to do: Historians, naturalists, onboard performers, and local experts join every cruise. Passengers can attend daily lectures with interesting topics ranging from history to culture and cuisine, or set your own pace and find a quiet spot to watch the landscape glide by.

Final Thoughts

Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise Travels with BibiHonestly, with the culture, history, and enlightenment that American Cruise Lines offers, I would enjoy any of the cruises they offer.

There’s so much simple sophistication built into each itinerary, including personalized service, outstanding amenities, and the unique activities packed into each trip. If you are making plans for a cruise, you won’t want to miss out on any of the river cruising fun offered by American Cruise Lines.

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Why Your Next Cruise Should Be A River Cruise

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  1. I have not done much in the way of cruising at all but a river cruise sounds like a good start. It must be quite a unique way to see things! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so inspiring. I want to do a river cruise soon. The problem is deciding where and which one!

  3. I had never even heard of American Cruise Lines before so it was great to learn and see what they have to offer! Will definitely consider them when booking a cruise

  4. This sounds so awesome! Following them on all their social platforms now and requested a brochure. This is definitely something we will want to check out in the future.

  5. I heard about this river cruise in the US, but didn’t know much about it. What a fun opportunity to see parts of the USA. Looks like a blast.

  6. Wow, I knew there were river cruises down the Mississippi, but never knew there were others. I am going to check these out. We loved our river cruise over in Europe. I love cruising in general. It is such a great way to see places.

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