Guest Post Submission For Consideration

Travel and Outdoor Adventure blog is accepting submissions for guest posts related to:

– Travel, Travel-niche related

– Travel hacks and/or tips

– City Guides – could be your hometown or a place you’ve visited

– Outdoor adventure stories, tips, hiking resources and advice

– Money saving tips, budgeting for travel

– Pet-friendly adventures, tips, advice

– & More (open to your suggestion!)


​1. The content must be original, your article cannot appear anywhere else online. 600-1000+ words. Images MUST be sent as an attachment to your email. You may insert them in the body of the article so I know where they are to go, but they must be sent as an attachment as well.

2. It isn’t possible to include your affiliate links in a guest post, because the relationship you have with your affiliates is between you and them. However, you are welcome to include links back to one of your blog posts where people can learn more about affiliate offers.

3. Please include a short bio (1 paragraph is ideal) and include one to two links to your blog/social media so I can promote you.

4. Submissions must conform to normal US English language standards. I reserve the right to edit for clarity, layout, headings etc. and to add links as appropriate.

5. Once accepted and published, you agree to promote your guest post on appropriate channels.

6. Travels with Bibi will provide you with all links to your published guest post.

Please submit your finished, spell-checked article with attached images to [email protected], (no rough drafts please.)

Here is a helpful link to the 5 best tools for bloggers in 2019.

Thank you, I’ll be in touch!

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