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9 Best Travel Apps To Simplify Your Vacation Planning

Smartphones have long been considered as the “experts” and leading advisor for travelers on most of their journeys. Whether you are going to Asia, preparing for a trip to Europe, or traveling the U.S., smartphone apps will be beneficial for you.

Any vacation or business trip would be more comfortable if you know these top 9 useful travel applications. Check them out below as they will save you a lot of time while traveling.

Available on Android and also on Apple branded phones, these apps are sure to make your travel planning easier and faster!

Best Travel Apps Travels with Bibi

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a travel application and also a website that provides useful travel information for travelers. It is known as one of the most significant travel information online sources for people. Most of the information in TripAdvisor is from the user reviews, and they will rate the service, accommodation as well as dining in the tourist destination from worldwide. By using the app, travelers can save their favorite travel places on a map, get prices and deals notification to travel their own way or ask questions and get answers from thousands of travelers all around the world.

The app is available in 28 languages and also considered as one of the most recommended foreign travel applications on the famous mobile phone data. It includes various practical features from accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines and cruises. Users can compare the hotel prices, search flights, book popular tours or reserve tables at restaurants. TripAdvisor has been helping almost a half of a billion travelers from over the world each month and bring them their best trip with numerous useful information.

  1. Skyscanner 

Skyscanner is a 3-in-1 travel app that can help users to check flight prices, search hotel deals or hire a car. Download the Skyscanner app, and you’ll be able to find the cheapest airline tickets by comparing the costs of million flights from different airlines in just a few seconds. After finding your suitable ticket price, this travelling smartphone app will allow the user to connect directly to the airline or ticket agent to buy tickets, and it is incredibly convenient.

The app has started from 2003 till now with 13 million travelers worldwide and offers users service in 29 languages. By combining all three services into one smart app, so, whether you want to book a trip for family vacations or business trip, Skyscanner will be a great help.

  1. Foursquare

If Skyscanner provides users with ticket information on all airlines, Foursquare allows travelers to look up tips, comments, and comparisons from previous travelers about places to eat, play at those tourist destinations. In addition, visitors can find the nearest best places, record and share on social media networks.

Travelers can use the app to find some local attractions whenever they want to look for a place to eat, to shop or to entertain. Users can also leave the review of the location that they visited, and it will be very helpful for other users. Likewise, you can also check out the reviews from other users to choose the most suitable places to go to. The app is famous for helping travelers to find places for dining, coffee and tea, nightlife venues or things to do such as theatres, historic sites, museums, theme parks, shopping centers and more.

  1. Waze Social GPS Map and Traffic

Waze is rated as one of the most necessary and convenient travel phone applications when travelling abroad, especially for people who drive or travel by themselves. Through Waze’s Social GPS Map and Traffic, users will be connected and shared the most updated information all about traffic. Drivers can easily find convenient free roads; know which roads are under repair or even the nearest petrol station.

By using real-time information, the app has been known as the best free GPS, mapping and gas application that can save money for drivers. Waze is a global community of more than 115 million users and helps them to travel smoother, faster, happier and safer by reducing traffic and making roads better together.

  1. TripIt 

Triplt is an automated mobile travel application that helps to schedule your entire trip. It is similar to the Hipmunk app, but Hipmunk travel application is no longer available for use since January 2020. Triplt users only need to send the name of the hotel, restaurant, car number and more. The app will organize all your given information in just seconds and then forward the plan to your confirmation email.

By using the app, travelers will be easier to track all of their information about when and where to be. Finding your way around will be much more convenient with TripIt. The app also provides directions, weather alerts, and traffic at each destination and allows you to share with friends and family through social media.

  1. Flight Track

With live-updating times and terminals, FlightTrack app will allow users to update delayed flight times, change gateways as well as automatically save flight schedules to your calendar. Not only that, but you can also find an alternative flight if you are delayed when on an urgent business trip.

The app is created just as its name, to track flights. You just need to select a flight or enter your flight number, and the app will send you all the information about the flight from seating map, aircraft type, departure time and arrival time as well as terminals for departure and arrival. Flight Track syncs with TripIt and iCloud, so travelers can easily keep trips aligned across all of their devices.

  1. TravelSafe 

TravelSafe is a really great travel app for foreign tourists because it has the necessary information for emergencies. The app includes police phone numbers, local hospitals contact information, the nearest embassy from almost all countries in the world. Just by searching, visitors will have enough information in the fastest way.

As soon as you get the app, you need to enter your home country to synchronize all the information to make it suited to your needs. If you are looking for an application that can help you travel intensively and do not worry about emergency services, Travel Safe is a useful app to check out.

  1. Foodspotting

Are you a food lover and want to try all the best cuisine while travelling? Foodspotting is a smartphone application that is designed for you. This app is an excellent guide for all food seekers, food spotters, as well as food business and brands. Foodspotting is famous for its useful visual guide to delicious food and where travelers can find it.

Using Foodspotting, travelers are allowed to find the best food in their destination, rate the dish and share it on the app. Users can also write reviews or recommend great food in restaurants and see what other users recommend their dishes.

  1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is the perfect app for travelers who want to travel on a budget and meet up with locals while travelling. By using Couchsurfing, users can connect with local people who have a space to share with travelers to stay around the destination. The best thing is that it’s totally free.

Even if you don’t want to use accommodations from locals, you still can use other features in the app to meet or hang out with them. It’s great that travelers can get a unique chance to learn about the place from people who actually live in the destination. If you are a solo traveler, this app is definitely ideal for you.

On the whole, nowadays, innovative technology is becoming more and more convenient for users to help them deal with difficulties while traveling. Hopefully, with the above 9 useful travel applications, it will be easier for travelers to conquer new land and reach for more wonderful experiences.

Author Bio: Emily Pham was born in Vietnam, a country with many unknown beaches, historic sites and tourist attractions. She established the blog site with the purpose of introducing the elegant beauty of Vietnam to friends around the world. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, the blog will provide you with essential information on where to go and what to do in the country.

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9 Best Travel Apps To Simplify Your Vacation Planning

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  1. These are great resources. I have used a couple but not on a regular basis. I will have to take a look at them.

  2. Love this list! I use most of them but haven’t tried Foodspotter yet – I’ll definitely check it out as we love to find new places to eat.

  3. I’ve used several of these apps…TripAdvisor is my favorite as I appreciate the honest reviews from peers. Will definitely add the Foodspotting and TravelSafe apps as they would be valuable to have at my fingertips.

  4. I need some of these apps to make my life easier! I am going to get Foodspotting right now as we have a hard time with food when traveling since most of us are vegetarians.This app looks like just what I need. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love using Waze on road trips!! It has come in handy with re-routing us several times! I need to check out some of these others!

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