The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding Travels with Bibi
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The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding

The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding

Hello, skateboarding lovers! We have just come back from a very beautiful skateboarding destination.

This is, in our opinion, a perfect place to participate in this sport.

Can you guess where?

It is Barcelona, Spain!

Barcelona is well known for many things: beautiful beaches, great parties, tons of street art, amazing skate spots, etc.

Besides, you might know that it is also very famous for skateboarding.

Back in the 1990s, Barcelona was a skateboarding Mecca, attracting riders from across the world.

It was in search of a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and some of the best skate spots in Europe.

While Barcelona is famous for Modernist and Gothic architecture, there is another aspect of its urban design which is of interest to the skating community.

Yeah, the streets are smooth, the locals are chill, and the architecture seems to be designed for skaters.

Barcelona is filled with skateboarding spots: ledges, gaps, banks, rails and things a skater could dream of.

In this article, we will offer you the full package of guidance about skateboarding in Barcelona.

Best skateboarding spots

The thing that makes Barcelona so great for skateboarding is that there are literally spots everywhere.

The way it normally works here is that you will hear about a spot and on your way to that spot you find three more spots.

It’s actually a little ridiculous.

It’s enough to make your head spin. You really get the feeling that someone designed the city with skateboarding in mind.

Let’s check out some of the great skate spots in Barcelona:

Macba Skate Spot

The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding Travels with Bibi

Museum for Art Contemporary Barcelona.

The first best spot for skating is MACBA, the Museum for Art Contemporary Barcelona.

Near the city center, the MACBA is open for skateboarding on Sundays and Tuesdays. The evenings are always a good choice as it is cooler and has lots of people to skate around you.

Along with a few other ledges of different sizes, some drops, a nice 5 set and the newly renovated big 3 set in the back, this place has a lot to offer.

That is to say nothing about the smooth granite tiles where you are propelled forward forever with just one push.

If there is a place to start your skate trip in Barcelona or you only have one day, let’s consider MACBA.

Insider Tip: If you are looking for a place to grab some water just go to the street where you see all the people sitting at tables and eating dinner.

At the end on the left, there is a little corner store where you can get 1.5 liters of water for under $1.


The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding Travels with Bibi


The centerpieces of this plaza are the three amazing granite ledges.

Unlike MACBA which is one long ledge, these ledges are separated.

It means you can pop off the end going regular or goofy. The ledges are also not as haggard as the ones at MACBA, and there isn’t always people cutting you off.

Universitat has a great atmosphere.

You will often find people skating there and sometimes you won’t.

However, what you will find is plenty of people walking through the plaza watching.

This definitely gives some motivation to bring you’re a game for the crowd.


The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding Travels with Bibi


Paral-lel is yet another spot that if it wasn’t designed for skateboarding, we can’t even begin to guess its function.

If you take the green Metro line (L3) and walk a few hundred meters from the station, you will find this place.

This spot has many manual pads, ledges, a few drops, a stage with a ledge, a long slope, benches, and a long metal structure.

You will find people hanging out and watching people skate while they eat their lunches.

The graffiti here adds to the whole vibe of the area. This is a true skaters paradise.


The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding Travels with Bibi


When we talk about skating spots, it’s usually a variety of skateable objects in a limited space.

However, Forum is a huge skate spot.

Made for the Barcelona Summer Olympics in 1992, the Forum is basically a giant plaza with endless spots.

It goes from the street where you get off the Tram or Metro all the way down to the water.

Here you will find all sorts of ledges.

The best part is that they have metal tops that make them perfect to grind.

There are up ledges, up and down ledges and flat ledges. Great way to finish the day in one of the best skate areas in the world.

Marbella Skatepark

The Complete Guide To Barcelona Skateboarding Travels with Bibi

The city of Marbella built a fantastic Skate Park, adjacent to the hugely popular San Pedro Boulevard.

This professionally built outdoor skate park features concrete construction, multiple bowls and metal edges for tricks.

Located near the ocean and only a few blocks away from the Poble Nou metro stop, plenty of kids and adults ride skateboards and scooters there.

It is a safe, clean and quality skate park.

Mar Bella beach is also away from all the tourists and craziness down the way in Barceloneta. There is plenty of grass with shades to sit and have a picnic, too.

Insider Tip:

Barcelona is a beautiful and exciting city to see.

However, the idea of getting around to find skate spots can be a bit intimidating, especially because of the size of the city.

No matter how you choose to get around, transportation in Barcelona is cheap and efficient.

From our experience, the Barcelona metro is the simplest and quickest way to get around.

The list of best skate spots above is the top 5 in Barcelona. As you can see, the city is definitely designed for this sport.

One thing to remember that skateboarding can also be an easy way to get hurt particularly if you skate in the wrong place or don’t wear protective gear.

Safety Tips

Scrapes and bruises are almost a fact of skateboarding life; besides, broken bones and sprains are also common.

To keep it safe while skateboarding, the best thing to do is to reinforce the key areas often exposed when riding, such as head, knees, and wrists.

Wrist guards help support the wrist and reduce the chances of breaking a bone if you fall.

Knee and elbow pads reduce the severity of cuts and scrapes and prevent gravel burns.

You can suffer permanent impairment or even death if you fall off the skateboard and strike your head without a helmet.

Therefore, get a helmet for skateboarders or at least a quality bicycle helmet.

It should meet or exceed the safety standards of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

With protective accessories, you might not prevent bad falls. Nevertheless,they will protect exposed parts and prevent more serious injuries.

Now, let’s move on the next part.

Where to sleep?

You might not know if  there is a perfect place for skaters to stay in Barcelona.

First, a hotel is out of the list. It is too expensive.

Youth hostels in Barcelona are budget.  Way to go!

If you’re the kind of person who likes to eat, sleep and breathe skateboarding, then there is a hostel famous for you.

The Sant Jordi Hostel near the Sagrada Família is a self-described “skateboarding hostel” which boasts its own inside mini-ramp and skateboarding-themed rooms.

Where to shop?

TacTic Surf Shop is one of the best Barcelona skate shops.

TacTic Surf Shop has a very unique history.

It all started when Paco Escola (founder and proprietor) returned from a long vacation in San Francisco, California and decided to change the course of his life.

Leaving his studies in medicine behind, he decided to dedicate his life to the world of surf.

Upon his return to Barcelona, with few resources but full of enthusiasm he founded the TacTic Surf Shop.

Now, with many years of experience behind the brand, working as a team and taking good care of loyal customers and friends have made it 20-year journey a pleasure.

If you are in Barcelona and need anything surf or skate related, stop by TacTic.

To Sum Up

Barcelona is a perfect destination for skateboarders. Fairly relaxed policy, very good infrastructure, and fantastic weather.

And obviously, a lot of great skate spots such as MACBA, Universitat,Parallel, Forum, Marbella Skatepark.

Remember to wear protective gears to prevent possible injuries.

Don’t find a hotel there as it would cost your money. If you’re keen on skateboarding, Sant Jordi Hostel might be for you.

How about shopping for skateboarders? Let’s stop at TacTic Surf Shop.


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