Book Review: Turning Left Around the World Travels with Bibi

Book Review: Turning Left Around the World

The recently released book, Turning Left Around the World, written by David C. Moore, is part memoir, part travel guide, and 100% an entertaining read.

David, a recent advertising and marketing retiree, along with his wife Helene, embark on a ten-month long adventure around the world that begins in South America and turns left around the world to conclude the once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Japan. This book is perfect for readers who also turn left in life and desire to experience more creature comforts and higher-end accommodations when traveling.

I was sent a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own and unaffected by the complimentary book. Post contains affiliate links.

The story begins as David and Helene hire a travel agency to help tailor an itinerary that includes plenty of adventure, culture, time in the deserts, rainforests and jungle, as well as opportunities to discover foods and wines of each county they visit.

David’s writing style is conversational, witty, fun and very easy to read. He is an entertaining host on this epic journey. As he and Helene travel through fifteen countries, David tells the tale of their adventures in an intriguing, funny and occasionally tragic way.

The book is written sequentially, covering 306 days on the road in 30 separate chapters. Each chapter is filled with bucket list worthy adventure and David introduces readers to all of the fabulous guides that help along the way. After reading this book, I’ve now decided that whenever I travel, I want a guide to hold my spot in the queue everywhere I go!

Over 100 color photographs from most of the destinations help readers get the sense of tagging along and enjoying the sights right along with them. I especially enjoyed the lighthearted banter between David and Helene which added a warm human touch to the physical aspects of the trip.

The chapter dedicated to Machu Picchu, was near and dear to my heart as Peru is a bucket list hiking destination for myself. Reading David’s spin of the history of the area added to my desire to travel there.

With so many destinations on their itinerary, readers can experience unique and fascinating destinations that may be out of reach for their own travel plans. David thoroughly brought me in as a reader and I felt like I was a stowaway who managed to get away with hiding among their limited luggage and traveled with them for free.

Each chapter could stand on its own as a snippet of a fascinating travel log. Put together, readers can enjoy parts of the world they have only read about on the Internet or in travel magazines.

I highly recommend Turning Left Around the World. In every chapter, readers will surely experience plenty of their own Magic Kingdom moments and may just decide that turning left is the right way to travel through life.


Book Review: Turning Left Around the World Travels with Bibi

David’s career was a game of two halves. He owned a London advertising and marketing agency for 15 years before negotiating a trade sale and becoming a consultant Marketing Director for some iconic international brands.

He retired when his wife Helene convinced him they should finally embark on their long-promised adventure around the world – ten months to discover the history, landscape, wildlife and people in fifteen diverse countries across South America, Australia, the Polynesian Triangle, South East Asia, China and Japan.

Turning Left Around the World is David’s first book, it is an entertaining and intriguing account of their travels with some surprising experiences, hilarious situations and occasionally sad encounters. Contact David to ask how they planned their trip, how they packed for an adventure in some extreme climates and whether they are still talking to each other after ten months away together!

David’s book is available from Amazon.

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    1. This was a fantastic book! I felt like I was visiting these amazing place alongside David and Helene. The writing was very descriptive and pulled me in as a reader. I loved it!

  1. Sounds like a fun adventurous read and the pictures…. well, to get lost in the travels I dream of is a wonderful plus to any good travel book and story!

  2. This sounds like a great travel adventure to read. I love hearing about adventures others have when they are our exploring our world.

    1. Each chapter was a story in and of itself which helped make the book very interesting. Mini-stories rock when you have little free time to read, but still try to read as often as possible. That’s me in a nutshell! 🙂

  3. Great story. I listened to David and Helene’s interview on BBC Radio Berkshire the other day and it sounds like they had quite an adventure! David also guest blogs over with us at A Luxury Travel Blog, so can you learn more from their travel experiences there. 🙂

    1. Very cool! I really enjoyed the book and felt like I was right there traveling alongside David and Helene. I will definitely check out David’s guest posts on your site. Thank you!

    1. David’s book has some great ideas about dream destinations. You should give it a read…if you do, please come back and tell us what you thought of it.

  4. Hi Shirley, This book sounds great. I always dream of traveling one day but my husband dreams of only his native place in India ( haha). I really have to convince him to go to any place. But experiences from people who travel , inspires him little bit. I just love to read travel blogs and experiences. So I am waiting my baby to grow up so that I could travel. Thanks for the review.

    1. You’re welcome! Get this book for your husband and he will find a lot of travel inspiration. It is chock-full of really cool destinations and is very easy to read. I loved every chapter because I felt like I was right there with David and Helene.

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