Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Campervan Road Trip With Kids Travels with Bibi
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Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Camper Van Road Trip With Kids

Do you want to rent a camper van and take the kids on a fun and exciting road trip? I know I do! Today’s guest post features Ruby Daub, a writer from Australia who shares her best tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect camper van road trip getaway.

Ruby’s road trip ideas are super helpful no matter where you live so read on to check out how you can have a safe and exciting camper van road trip with the kids.


Author Bio: Ruby is a writer who has been sharing her travel experience through her blogs and articles for the last couple of years. She loves to explore and share ideas on travel and holidays.

Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Camper Van Road Trip With Kids

Travelling around Australia with kids is not an easy task. You have to be remarkably smart to keep your little ones occupied and happy. A lot of couples, who believe that’s it’s not easy to enjoy road trips with babies on board, fail to get that fantastic holiday experience.

Planning a road trip is not at all difficult if you are ready to use your intelligence. The first thing that you need to do is figure out the kind of problems that people face during such trips. Once you are aware of the difficulties, you will be able to find their solution quickly.

Although it’s true that babies demand a lot of attention, you can handle that with a bit of practice.

So, if you are thinking of bringing that winsome smile on your loved ones’ faces don’t hesitate to plan a road trip. You will surely have unbelievable fun with your spouse and children, provided the fact that you take all the necessary steps to deal with potential problems.

Here are some super helpful tips for you to enjoy a fun-filled road trip with your loved ones.

Think About What You Want To Explore

Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Campervan Road Trip With Kids Travels with Bibi

The most significant step is to identify in advance the destinations that you want to explore. Have a clear idea of whether you want to enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, and surfing or exploring walking and hiking trails in a dense forest. You can start preparing for your trip only once you are aware of where you want to go and want exactly you want to do once you reach there.

In Australia, there are several beautiful family holiday destinations so you can pick your favorite among them. It’s always better to travel to destinations where you haven’t been yet because that will allow you to learn a lot about new places. It will not only help in increasing your knowledge but will also keep you busy.

However, while selecting your holiday destination, it’s essential for you to keep your kids in mind. They should also like the place that you choose. If your kids are somewhere between 8-to-12 years old, then you can also involve them while selecting your holiday destination. Ask them what kind of place they want to see, and then consider their opinions accordingly.

Book The Perfect Camper Van

Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Campervan Road Trip With Kids Travels with Bibi

Since camper vans are available in various sizes, it’s essential that you book the one that suits your requirements. Yes, you got that right, you have to choose the vehicle according to your family size. If you make the mistake of hiring a big camper van, you will end up paying more money for it. On the other hand, if you book a vehicle that’s too small for your family, then you will have no option but to travel uncomfortable in it.

Also, make sure that you inquire about the amenities that you are getting with it. People, who fail to do that at the right time end up facing its consequences. Camper vans generally come with cooking facilities such as microwave, mini refrigerator, coffee maker, and pots and pans, etc. Besides, some camper vans also come with toilet and washing facilities, which are extremely good when kids are the part of the trip.

So, before you lock the deal, make sure you cross check with the concerned people about what kind of facilities they are providing with the camper van.

Apart from that, it is also imperative to book the vehicle in advance because you get good deals. You have to pay a lot of money for the same camper van if you hire it at the last moment. So, if you are smart, you will never make that mistake.

Select The Route

Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Campervan Road Trip With Kids Travels with Bibi

Selecting a safe route is the second most important step when it comes to planning a successful camper van road trip. No one wants to confront unnecessary problems while holidaying with kids. So, even if you are a bit too adventurous, don’t ever make the mistake of taking decisions that can create trouble for your family. It means if you don’t want to miss the off-roading experience, stick to routes that are not too far aware from the main highway.

Create a Realistic Budget

Create a workable budget for your trip based on where you want to go, and how long you want to stay there. Consider everything such as the kind of activities you want to engage in, the places you want to explore, and the type of food you will be consuming on a daily basis during your vacations while making the budget. In case you are falling short of money, then try to figure out how you can cut your travel cost.

Pack Your Stuff Smartly

Ideas For A Safe & Exciting Campervan Road Trip With Kids Travels with Bibi

Smart packing is the key to organizing successful road trips. Before you pack even a single thing, figure out your requirements. Yes, you have to spend some time identifying the things that you will need the most once you begin your journey.

Some of the most important things that you will require include toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb, shampoo, deodorant, and sunscreen, etc. Besides, you should also pack quality snacks, and while doing so, make sure you keep your kids in mind.

Planning a road trip is not that difficult as you think of it. If you have that much-needed enthusiasm, you can do it wonderfully.

Have you gone on a camper van road trip? Please share some interesting tidbits about your experience in the comments below. We would love to read about your adventure!


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