Gear Review: The Tinkle Belle ~ Stand To Go Easily and Discreetly!

While hiking today, I had the opportunity to try the Tinkle Belle, a new piece of gear created specifically for females. It worked great!


There’s no doubt that females everywhere know how inconvenient it can be when the need to pee comes roaring at them and there’s no toilet in sight. I have been there many times myself, especially when I’m out hiking.

There I was, on Kilimanjaro last summer, and my guide kept saying, “You must drink more water, Bibi.” I think I heard him say that at least fifteen times a day. We all know what drinking massive amounts of water results in, right? I had to go. On the mountain. With not a single tree, and certainly no toilets, anywhere in sight. Now what?

Let’s be truthful here. Situations like this can be super stressful and can happen anywhere, not just on a mountain in Africa. It happened to me today, while out on a local hiking trail in North Carolina. I had to go.

Of course, females are perfectly capable of peeing in the woods, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. There could be lots of other hikers nearby, or the terrain could be so extreme that a proper squat would be impossible, or your legs might not have much strength left after that last steep climb. Yes, I’ve been there.

Or maybe you’re just super modest and have no intention of baring your backside to the open air, even if you’re positive no one else is around. Because no other hikers ever come around the corner of the trail while you’re exposed for the world to see, right? Not in my world, and maybe not in yours either.

If any of those situations apply to you, the Tinkle Belle will quickly become your best piece of gear! I checked out the Tinkle Belle device while out on a hiking trail, and in a word, it’s PERFECT!

I’ve owned a couple of other brands of urination devices for women and found them all to be lacking in either convenience or practicality. Sadly, there were plenty of unexpected drips and leaks, and some were impossible to clean properly.

No more! The new Tinkle Belle device seems to address every unique need of women in all types of I-have-to-go situations. Developed by a group of adventurous, professional women from Northwestern Montana, the Tinkle Belle was designed so female outdoor enthusiasts, just like you and me, can easily and discreetly go whenever nature calls while never worrying about finding a restroom facility.

Travels with Bibi
I love the washable storage bag with carabiner

Foldable, durable, and lightweight, the Tinkle Belle is designed to fit the natural curves of a woman’s body, so you can go while standing without worrying about leaks and without exposing any of your private bits for the world to see.

Just unzip your pants and pull your panties to the side and hold the Tinkle Belle against your body. That’s it. Really! The Tinkle Belle snugly fits all sizes and shapes and allows for a stress-free pee experience. I especially love the built-in thumb rests for proper placement and ease of use. All while standing up!

Travels with Bibi
No backside poison ivy exposure for me!

With Tinkle Belle, all women can now #getoutandgo while they #letpeedomring since removal of clothing is not necessary for use. It’s designed to reduce splashing and providing less risk of overflow too. I think that’s the part I like best!

Not only is the Tinkle Belle a great, useful product, the company has a unique mission to help others. A company that gives back to less fortunate people and communities is more aligned with my own beliefs and earns additional consideration during my gear-buying process. Check out Tinkle Belle’s mission statement here.

I can see the Tinkle Belle being useful in many situations such as hiking, camping, boating, concerts, travel, and even indoors, when the restroom is just too gross to use.

The Tinkle Belle has definitely earned a place in my backpack, so check it out for your next outdoor adventure. You’ll be glad you did! Use Coupon Code Bibi20 and get 20% off when you check out.

Have you tried the Tinkle Belle? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know in a comment below!

Sponsorship Disclosure: This post was brought to you in partnership with The Tinkle Belle, but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. This is awesome! I spent several months in the region around Kilimanjaro and Meru and would have LOVED to have had something like this! Great post!!

    1. Tanzania is AMAZING isn’t it? The Tinkle Belle would have saved a lot of embarrassment a couple of times for me on Kilimanjaro….especially that time my guide had to trot uphill with me stride for stride for at least 200 feet as he frantically unbuckled my pack while I was rushing to the toilet tent! It’s not easy trotting at 15,000 feet!

    1. Absolutely! There are many situations where the Tinkle Belle would be perfect! I’m going to keep one in my backpack and one in my purse…you never know when that public restroom toilet seat is gong to be too disgusting to use!

  2. I can totally understand the needing to pee and no toilets to be found woes! Oh goodness I’ve been there too hahaha. This sounds like it could be a total lifesaver! Thank you so much for sharing your honest review. It definitely has me rethinking products like these ^^.

    1. The Tinkle Belle really is a game changer. The design is specifically made to fit all shapes and sizes of women so all can use it. It’s long enough too, which was the problem with others I have tried since they were too short and made a mess! Not the Tinkle Belle though. The designers really thought this one through and alleviated every problem.

  3. I love your site!! I am hiking Everest Base Camp in a few months and I’m on the fence about standing urination devices. I just don’t feel the need, but I wonder if I will change my mind once I’m out there and have the urge to go.
    I will definitely look into this product after your review. I’ve heard the harder plastic devices are the way to go over the soft plastic. Thanks for writing, I will definitely keep reading 🙂 -Jess

    1. I have tried others, and even took another brand on my Kilimanjaro summit last July with less than perfect results. The Tinkle Belle is far superior to any other devices I have used in the past.

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