How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok Travels with Bibi
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How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most loved destinations in the world. People visit Bangkok to enjoy its adorned shrines and vivacious street life. Exploring the city in just a day is an overwhelming task since there is so much to see and experience in this electrifying city. While it’s impossible to witness all the majestic sites and markets in one day, we have compiled the best of the best and have prepared a perfect schedule to make the most out of one day in Bangkok.

Let’s begin the 24 hours in Bangkok adventure:

Kickstart The Day

How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok Travels with Bibi

Start your day early around 8 am in the morning. The best way to begin your day in Bangkok city is by viewing the beauty of Thailand’s culture while boating at Chao Phraya river. Boating and looking around the early morning Bangkok life is enchanting. Boating cost around 50 Thai bhats which is approx $4. You can opt to check out anytime on any of the eight stops during boating. By using the same boat ticket, you can anytime onboard or off-board the boat depending on your convenience.

Visit Maharaj Pier

The first stop of the boat ride will be at the temple of the Emerald Buddha. In Thailand, this temple is called Wat Phra Kaew. This temple is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand and a must see place while visiting Bangkok. You will certainly fall in love with this amazing architecture.  The 26 inches tall Buddha is breathtaking. Don’t get too lost and lose track of time though. After exploring the site from all directions and taking your fill of photos, let’s move on to the next scheduled slot.

Time To Eat

How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok Travels with Bibi

Head back to the boat and get on to the next stop which is Tha Tien Pier. There is not much to explore here as most of the temples are under the staging process. One of the best ways to enjoy your morning brunch or breakfast is by eating in a restaurant with an open view or local Thai cuisine. Two of my favorite spots are Eat Sight Story and Baan ThaTien Cafe. You can eat anything you want as it has a lot of options in dine and drink.

Next Stop: Shopping

It is a shame if you don’t go shopping in Bangkok. There are so many malls to shop in Bangkok. However, if you have picked a weekend for visiting, you have an option of going to the local market known as Chatuchak Weekend Market. This is a more convenient choice as you can see the local life of Bangkok city in its true colors. Some of the great shopping malls in Bangkok for weekday shopping are Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, and Siam Square One. You can find products from high-end couture to local street designs. Shopping is so much fun in Bangkok that you might wish to have more money to shop.

Time For A Break

Even though you have only a day in Bangkok, you must save your energy for the later part of the day. Bangkok is renowned for its nightlife and has amazing clubs. The evening should be relaxing and enjoyable. Taking a coffee break is the best thing to do at this time. You can choose any place nearby so that you can save traveling time. Your next stop will be downtown Bangkok as it has numerous restaurants and nightclubs.

Dinner Time

How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok Travels with Bibi

Take BTS Skytrain to go downtown. There are plenty of great places to see and enjoy delicious food at Zuma Bangkok or any other place that fascinates you from its appearance. Most traveler or tourist are found wandering here. Therefore, there are plenty of multi-cuisine restaurants to eat. Have you ever wondered what you must eat in Bangkok? Local street food vendors serve the best Thai food. Eating in high-profile places may sound yummy but it does give the real insight into the Thai culture.

Party Time

How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok Travels with Bibi

After having a good dinner, you must take a look at the Soi Cowboy Street. This is one of the most popular streets in Bangkok city. It is full of colors, lights, and bars. You can enjoy tasty beer and glamour all around you. Choose to enjoy your evening in any way you prefer. Favela nightclub and Club Black Bangkok are among the top rated clubs in the Bangkok city. Above Eleven is one of my favorite spots if you want to see the whole city draped in the lights and darkness. You must visit such clubs to witness the nightlife in Bangkok. If you are with family your day ends here. If not, let’s move on to last but not the least spot of the day.

Cheap Charlie’s is a great beer bar where you can rest your day with a delicious beer at an affordable cost. Charlie’s is the best bar to get your fill of beer at a low cost.

Here we end our day in Bangkok!

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How to Spend One Perfect Day in Bangkok

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