Top 5 Hidden Places You Might Miss in India Travels with Bibi

Top 5 Hidden Places You Might Miss in India

There are innumerable destinations in India, which are still unexplored or less frequented by visitors. However, the following places are considered a paradise on their own. There are innumerable picturesque locations in the country, which can be considered as your next travel destination. Read on to discover 5 such hidden places that you might have missed in India:


Top 5 Hidden Places You Might Miss in India Travels with Bibi

The state of Assam in India has many interesting tourist destinations. Manjuli is among the less frequented places in the state. Manjuli is an island, which is right in the middle of River Brahmaputra. One of the main attractions of the island are the exotic species of flora and fauna, which are found there.

The experience you can enjoy at Manjuli is no doubt one in a lifetime. If natural beauty, greenery, and lush landscape is what fascinates you, Manjuli will definitely entice you. Exploring the island is kind of an adventure for any traveler.


Uttarakhand in India is one of the most frequented destinations, particularly for adventure travelers and tourists. Places like Rhishikesh, Dehradun, Chopta, Auli etc. have fascinated travelers since ages. However, many people don’t know about Haldwani in Uttarakhand. Gaula River passes through the area and there are thick and dense forests on both sides of the river. Hikers and trekkers are sure to love this place for its picturesque settings. The surroundings of the place are exotically beautiful. Capture some nice images of the surrounding areas for creating memories for a lifetime.

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Top 5 Hidden Places You Might Miss in India Travels with Bibi

Wayanad has developed as one of the most popular travel and tourist destinations lately. It is also referred to as ecological holiday destination located in the north-east part of Kerala. Located at high altitudes in the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a scenic hill station, which abounds in dense lush green forests, extensive wildlife, ancient culture, spice plantations and so on. Wayanad is ideal for sightseeing for the picturesque background that the place offers. The weather of the place remains charming and favorable throughout the year. The place has a unique aroma and flavor of its own.


Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most coveted destinations if you are looking for a religious and spiritual place in India apart from Varanasi. This small town has innumerable ancient temples and ghats. Maheshwar is situated on the banks of River Narmada. It is evident from the name of the place that the majority of the temples and other places are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place every year. The textile markets of Maheshwar are extremely popular. Boat rides in the river and watching amazing sunsets are popular activities for travelers coming to the place.


Top 5 Hidden Places You Might Miss in India Travels with Bibi

The state of Maharashtra in India offers innumerable beautiful destinations for tourists. These places might not be featured among the top travel and tourist destinations and are truly hidden gems. The experience of exploring these places is simply excellent.

Reaching Matheran from Mumbai is simple. There is a train which connects Mumbai to this enchanting place Matheran. It is the natural landscape of the place, which is so fascinating. There is lush greenery all around the place with small hillocks and dunes. The landscapes and surroundings are brilliant. Forgetting the best views, don’t forget the toy train ride.

There are many such destinations in India, all of which can leave you speechless and spell-bound. Interestingly, visiting these places is also not that expensive when compared to other so-called ‘well-known’ destinations. Next time you plan a trip, keep these destinations in mind for sure.

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Top 5 Hidden Places You Might Miss in India

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  2. Thanks for sharing Shirley. These are all fabulous places, away from maddening crowd. There are many more hidden beauties in India, which have not been explored fully but each one of them has it’s own unique charm. I have compiled some of them in my blog. You can have a look at

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