How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park

I grew up on baseball, spending hot summer nights hanging out in the “cheap seats” at the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland, cheering on the likes of Eddie Murray and my favorite players, Cal Ripken, Jr. and Frank Robinson.

The tantalizing aroma of hot dogs, the sharp sound of a ball cracking against a bat, boisterous fans cheering for the home team or booing against the opposing team; all sensory delights that make me think of my favorite sport, baseball. The local Augusta area has all of that and much more!

With two complimentary tickets in hand, my husband and I recently headed over the Savannah River and visited the new SRP Park in North Augusta, SC. This spectacular marvel of a stadium is home to the Augusta Greenjackets, the Class A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.

What a night it was to Catch the Buzz!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

SRP Park is a dream come true stadium located on the banks of the Savannah River and has been in the works since 2012. The park can seat 5,000 fans and includes many of the latest features, such as high-end video boards, comfortable guest suites, and a seriously cool LED lighting system that can be synchronized to blink on and off.

The 360-degree concourse features drink rails throughout the park and we found this feature quite useful as we waited out a rain-delayed start to the game.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

For families, a kid’s area in center field features plenty of inflatables and batting cages and despite the earlier rain, was a hive of kid-friendly fun the night we visited.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

I love the concentration on this young batter’s face. Surely she would have scored with that hit!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

During the game, Auggie, the team mascot, plays games with the kids in between innings.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

The nearby picnic patio area in the right-field corner has plenty of tables for outdoor seating and cornhole game boards to help keep everyone entertained. As a bonus, you’ll see the visiting team up close and personal as they warm up for the game.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

The food and beverage options are the best I’ve seen at any minor league ballpark. The usual stadium fare of hotdogs, nachos, and popcorn are menu staples but if you’re feeling adventurous, try the more interesting options such as pimento cheese sandwiches, walking tacos, deep-fried pickles, and fancy burgers.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

For a fun summer time treat, the kids eagerly lined up to create their own delicious flavor combination at the Kona Ice machine.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

Having previously lived in Asheville, NC, the self-proclaimed craft beer capital of the world, I have to say the beer selections at SRP Park are superior! Craft brew lovers will certainly find something to their liking with offerings from Sweetwater Brewing company, Hi-Wire Brewing, Catawba Brewing Co, and several more. The usual domestic brews are available too.

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

A building hosting a Sweetwater Brewing bar on the second floor and a smokehouse on the ground level, next to a Sweetwater beer garden, is still under construction but will surely be a favorite spot for many!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

There is nothing like sitting outside on a hot summer night in the stands of a baseball field while eating a hot dog, sipping a cold drink and rooting for the home team!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

The super fun night ended with a colorful fireworks show and was the perfect ending to a perfect first visit to SRP Park. With all of the amenities offered at the park, my husband and I will definitely be back for more!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

Even though the park’s second season for the Augusta Greenjackets at SRP Park is winding down, make plans for a family and budget friendly time at one of the remaining games of the 2019 season. It’s great fun no matter who wins the game!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park Travels with Bibi

If you can’t make it before the current season ends, be sure to check out some games next spring and summer. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the remaining schedule here so you can Catch the Buzz too because you know in Augusta, we say #weruletheriver !

Have you visited SRP Park, or any other baseball game this season? What was your favorite part of the experience? Share your comment below!

How To Catch The Buzz At SRP Park

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    1. We had such a great time! SRP Park is new this year and it looks like no expense was spared in construction. I would venture to say that it’s now the best minor league ball park in the U.S.!

  1. I added to see SRP park to my bucket list thanks to this post. I love the picture with the kid that can’t eat properly haha. Also, I rather see baseball than playing it, as I suck haha.

    1. Hot-dog eaters unite! lol I love seeing kids eat hotdogs because they’re usually doing something fun outside while eating them!

    1. Since I really did grow up going to baseball games, I could get season tickets to SRP Park and be very happy!

  2. Thanks for your post, Shirley. Baseball is pretty alien to me, growing up in the UK. And even though I’m half Canadian, it’s not on my radar at all. Which is why reading about it here feels so exotic and interesting. I do love sport though, so would love to go to a game one day. And for the atmosphere too..

  3. There is nothing like sitting outside watching a ball game. It’s funny how as a kid my dad made me go with him and I really didn’t want to but now they are fond memories and I want to be there. There’s just something fun and relaxing about it.

    1. SRP Park really tried to incorporate activities and food choices for a wide variety of ages. Everyone can be happy!

  4. So fun and family friendly! My kids would go crazy over the Kona Ice machine, heck, I would, too! Looks like a great evening.

  5. We love our baseball! Love the Class A teams, minor and college level teams because they are way cheaper and much more family friendly

  6. I never knew this ball park existed, but wow! What a beautiful stadium! Your photos captured the vibe so well, it makes me hungry for a hot dog and baseball!

  7. I just love the photo of the kiddo eating a sandwich. I believe he is my spirit animal. :OD
    And seriously, a brew pub AND a smokehouse… and cornhole and a lunch patio and blow up houses? Why do I live in GA? Just kidding. It is super cool though. I don’t have plans to be in Augusta soon, but for sure if I find myself there I WILL be catching the buzz!!

    1. Family friendly, budget friendly…..what’s not to love at a minor league ball game? Maybe one day, I can check out Petco Park in San Diego!

    1. You’re welcome Melissa, It was a super fun night for sure. SRP Park is the best minor league park anywhere!

    1. We really are very lucky to have such a well-appointed stadium for a Class A team. Stadiums of this caliber are usually built for Class AAA teams.

    1. I went to Oriole games in Baltimore during the late 70s and early part of the 80s. Loved the old stadium but I’m sure Camden Yards is out of this world fantastic!

  8. This looks like so much fun! My husband is a huge baseball fan and we regularly go to the AA team nearby. Always a treat!

    1. Oh yes, DawnMarie, the entire experience at SRP Park watching the Augusta Greenjackets play was a great time, from pre-game to post-game!

  9. Looks like a fun time! Thanks for the great tour! I’m in Phoenix and do enjoy baseball games. Nice to have the “extra” activities for kids!

    1. Awww, Jenny, I’m so glad! The summers I spent watching the Orioles play were days spent primarily with my uncle. Great memories for me too.

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